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  1. No post in 3 months makes me sad and lonely. haha
  2. RB26 front Diff on SR20 possible?

    Yes there are r34 gt4 hanging around... from what ive seen all 4 doors. i remember reading a article a while back someone did a rb26 transplant into a gt4, there aim was to make a family driven GTR with 4 doors...
  3. VW Golf R mods

    I spend alot of time around VW's, so im gonna say one thing... dont get APR. They are good at marketing, thats it, Exhaust wise your best bet is milltek. Tuning wise id go for GIAC or REVO. Or you can get a sent tune like Ziezu or bluefin (you plug and play yourself). From what i have seen GIAC extreme produces the more power (once again personal opinion), there are quite a few giac tuned cars with tb exhuast, intercooler, intake, pump and the tune making 200-211 kws at all four.
  4. S15 Autech Market

    Like everyone else is saying... P platers are tight asses. But considering all the suspension mods, i reckon its a fair price.
  5. Fantastic car.. Driven a few. VW are producing some awesome pocket rockets. GTI's can produce with basic bolt ons TB, Tune, Intake 170kws at the wheels, with the relatively small KO3 turbo. If you want some more kick i'd look for a GTI Pirelli. Has the larger KO4 and can make 190-210kws at front wheels with same basic bolt ons. (TB, intercooler, dump, intake, tune.) For some reason majority of tunes are off the shelf. Companies like APR, GIAC, REVO, Bluefin will get you the results you want. But at the end of the day all tunes have the same relative power increases. Also you should have a look at the R32 if your searching golfs. VR6 engine 3.2 litre 4 motion (AWD), I have one at the moment and is by far one of the best all rounder cars. Perfect for everyday. Also is a good weekend warrior and holds its own on the track. But overall does not accept mods as well as GTI's obviously because of lack of turbo. Just in general the new VW R is a machine. Seeing a few now pull 12.4-12.6s on quarter mile with basic bolt ons again. For the price you pay you get alot of car. Side note DSG's are not as bad as everyone is making them out to be. They had a BIG issue in the states with them when they were released in the R32 with majority having to be recalled for DSG issues. But in Oz its not a big deal and any which do go bang are relatively small numbers. As there are heaps getting around with 200kws and 450nms of torque internally stock and having no issues.
  6. Toyota FT-86 Series 2 Concept

    Im happy Toyota finally has a proper RWD car again... But i wish it came with a snail.
  7. my first car

    Toyota starlet... Best first car i ever had. Learned how to drive, crashed it a few times doing stupid shit in carparks, learnt how to *try and fix shit* and service myself. Also a tank of fuel would last me a week with me redlining the ass off every gear. Buy a cheap eco box thats manual and start learning how to drive.
  8. I hope it never ends, i enjoy reading and looking at the superb work far to much!!
  9. Buying an S13 or R33

    Simply stay away from silvias, skylines and supras if your on your Ps especially Reds. If you enjoy having police attention and losing your license for somthing stupid. go ahead with an import. for a P plater your options are simple. civic, mx5, falcon, commo if i was on my Ps again id get a sprinter but then you have to consider they are 25+ years old these days.... thrashed much?
  10. Help me find a car

    Phftt easy the new VW R. Get a DSG for the missus. Does 0-100 in 5.5. Basic mods like turbo back, intercooler, intake and retune most Rs are doing 4.7 for 0-100. Close thread. Also on a side note. Having a R32 the only benefit against the new R is the soundtrack my car makes.
  11. From experience best and cheap don't come in the same category..
  12. Back to P plates! what to buy/build?

    Toyota Sprinter....Strip the rear seats out of it. Drop it. Start skidding.
  13. Mk4 GTI or MK3 VR6... go hard those lil v6 hatchies