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  1. The Android thread

    I think kitkat is much smoother and it is more responsive. battery life seems great. so far very happy with it.
  2. The Android thread

    I am running kitkat on my nexus 7. The over the air update came this morning. seems faster and smoother.
  3. The Android thread

    I got my self a nexus 7 (2013), through work , recently. I have to say it is a great device.
  4. How can I get around country blocking on Android?

    You can get an account with companies like Witopia, then use their VPN service to pretend you are anywhere in the world. This will cost money though. Also, I think on Android you need root access to use openvpn. PPTP is a lot cheaper, but it isn't as secure if you are using it on public, or hotel Wifi. If you have a linux server at home you have access to you can route traffic through that and that will also get around the problem.
  5. Need help picking an Ultrabook..

    The main problem with the apple stuff is the build quality. It would be OK if they were cheap, but price wise they are a premium product. My wife has had trouble with her previous iphone (screen issues she repaired), her current iphone (the main controller button broke), her old macbook, powercable started breaking apart, plastic discolored and case cracked. Only her Macbook pro is running solid although that is not that old. The old macbooks used to have cooling problems as well. I am not sure if they still do, but I remember one of the guys at work complaining it couldn't run 64bit operating systems on them. That said they tend to look solid and are in typically in the better looking end of the market.
  6. Need help picking an Ultrabook..

    I got an xps13 through work and have had it for some time. I run linux on it though so it probably wouldn't be useful information if you will be running windows. Mine boots in 6-12s. I probably get up to 6 hours battery life. Some reviews complain it is noisy, I mostly find it silent although, I think it used to fire up when really pushing it the fan starts up and it makes a bit of noise (it also might be more of a problem on the i7, mine is an i5 so that might be worth looking up). This hasn't happened for a while so I am wondering whether an upgrade fixed that issue. The other cristism I have heard in reviews is some people comented on the screen resolution not being high enough. It seems fine to me, but I am probably not that demanding in that area. The keyboard is very good, I am typing on that now. It is also nice how they squashed the 11.3 inch screen into the 11.1 inch body. I find the build quality quite impressive.
  7. Ubuntu Mobile

    http://www.engadget.com/2013/01/07/canonical-narrows-timeframe-for-ubuntu-for-smartphones-February/ Looks like it is coming in late feb to the galaxy nexus.
  8. Ubuntu Mobile

    I think we would be better off running a Linux OS and then having an Android application layer. I am pretty sure Sailfish is taking that route and I would imagine it would have to happen at some stage with an Ubuntu OS. That way your main applications and OS are running directly on the hardware and Android applications can be run through a Java (like) runtime environment. I am just guessing, but Ubuntu for Android would probably be much harder to maintain and keep up to date. If Google decides to change the Kernel (especially since they develop in a closed environoment) then it may take a while for Ubuntu for Android to be updated, not to mention it would have to be maintained possibly for different versions of Android. I think people get a little overly excited about the numbers of apps. Most are absolute rubbish. I am just hoping I can choose whatever hardware I like, and then install the OS of my choice on, much the way I do with the PC.
  9. Ubuntu Mobile

    The phone preview starts around 6:30. The UI looks really nice, will work on I think all (or perhaps most) android phones. Can't wait till this comes out, I hope I can install this on the N9.
  10. It was an interesting interview. Kind of scary how much information Google will have on us in the future. Through android they already can track the movements of most of the smartphone enabled world, they have information on everything we search on the net, what is loaded to youtube, what we email people (through gmail) add things like google glass, driverless cars, no wonder they can aim to do things like targeted search, etc. It is like a double edged sword, we are losing our anonymity, but gaining all this awesomness in return.
  11. Nokia Lumia 920, anyone got one?

    The hardware seems good, but they run windows phone.
  12. I would have thought a lot of the difference would come down do setup. I don't use BSD so I have to go by what I read. The BSD guys often claim that sometimes BSD can run Linux binaries quicker than Linux. The FreeBSD project has put a lot of effort into running more efficiently with parallel cores over the last few years. In a sense the Linux comunity was behind a bit at least pre systemd, and oddly enough systemd was actually inspired by the booting process in OSX. Mind you my laptop boot significantly faster than my wifes macbook pro, and it doesn't even run systemd. From what I have read people are getting 2.5 second boot times with systemd They play catchup whether you like it or not. What has custom job got anything to do with it. They trail in terms of the specs of the hardware and then they catch up. And as already mentioned the CPU is not the only hardware feature they trail on. What do you mean it is hilarious. I have often mentioned on here I think it is a design flaw, but I don't see what is funny about it. When a new Galaxy comes out it still dominates on all the benchmarks. It just means on equal or near equal hardware iOS has a performance advantage. You still need itunes for a lot of what is now basic functionality. Or at least a lot of the apps you need to replace this basic functionality cost money, when really it should be built into the OS. No you dont. contacts, calendar, camera, basic photo editing (crop, enhance, rotate) web access, email (which includes all office document compatibility + PDFs), music, podcasts, video, social networking (twitter and FB) weather and gaming. all this is fully operational out of the box with literally zero connection to a computer or itunes. so, please, tell me what 'basic' functionality a smartphone should have out of the box that the iphone doesnt have until you buy apps? sure, you might not like that you have to pay for media through itunes and the app store (download straight to the phone), but i would love to see you get media and software onto ANY device without connecting it to ANY computer, or paying for it through legitimate channels. as for the hardware 'trailing', go back and check the anandtech review. choice quote: For starters read the rest of the quote, not just the bit you highlighted and you might see my point. Secondly lets look at some benchmarks. http://www.extremetech.com/computing/136291-iphone-5-benchmarks-slower-than-the-galaxy-s3-faster-than-the-nexus-7 Has Galaxy S3 with a score of 1781 Iphone 5 with a score of 1601 Iphone 4s with a score of around 600 http://maypalo.com/2012/09/17/iphone-5-dual-core-a6-1-02-ghz-processor-beats-samsung-galaxy-s3-htc-one-x/ Has Galaxy S3 with a score of 1560 I can't be bothered looking into it, but lets say the second one is correct and the S3 has a benchmark of 1560. That means that the iphone performs 2.6% better than the S3. Yet the S3 performs 160% better than the iphone 4s. As already stated the iphone is playing catchup and also as already stated CPU/GPU are not the only important hardwared features on the phone and the iphone is seriously lagging in other areas. Well not just lagging they completely omit important features. It is also ridiculous one of the main navigation features is a hardware button. This is ridiculous. All of the other phone manufacturers worked out this was a bad idea years ago. Yet apple persists with it. And before you say the software workarounds simply aren't very good. As for the other point with itunes, the articles I look at that talk about running iphones with itunes keep mentioning apps that cost money to replace itunes functionality. Admittedly it is good you can basically get by without itunes even if it requires ridiculous workarounds. At least some of this rubbish is being resolved under the pressure of competition. http://www.pcworld.com/article/255782/ditch_itunes_manage_multimedia_on_the_iphone_your_way.html Not to mention all of the ridiculous workarounds people have to do to obtain basic functionality http://billing.holodyn.com/knowledgebase/7/Charging-Apple-iPhone-Without-Apple-iTunes-Installed.html Actually I assume this is out of date, it seems even worse than I imagined http://ipod.about.com/od/iphoneapps/f/iphone-apps-without-itunes.htm " Question: Can I Get iPhone Apps Without iTunes? Answer: It depends on what you’re looking for. If you mean official iPhone apps, available at the App Store, and the ones that Apple promos on TV and in print, the answer is no." So this is no longer correct I assume? And why the heck to you need an app for things like this, surely this should be just a standard feature in the OS. http://www.cultofmac.com/170663/app-copies-photos-to-iphone-without-itunes/ The iphone is only just getting ( or just about to) get turn-by-turn navigation in Austraila. The other OSs have had this for years. Why has it taken so long to get such a useful and important feature into the iphone. I know this isn't related but why the hell is it so difficult to get your own application onto an Iphone. Look at the number of steps it is ridiculous. http://mobiforge.com/developing/story/deploying-iphone-apps-real-devices. In all seriousness Apple needs to lift there game or we need some other company(ies) to step up and provide some serious competition to Google (Android). We need competition, afterall the improvements go both ways. Android has had a superior feature set, which Apple has caught up on and Apple has superior polish which Android has caught up on. If Android wasn't dominating, Apple would be able to keeping getting away with their overzealous control of a device that is no longer theirs. At the same time Android also benefits greatly from Apple as they have to keep innovating to stay ahead of the competition. As it stands at the moment unless they start focusing on innovation rather than lawsuits they are in serious trouble of a repeat of what happened in the PC arena. The lattest stats show Androids are now filling around 75% of new phones sold compared to less that %20 percent for Apple. Just one year ago it was only just over 50% for Android. They have several main hurdles to conquer. People are most influenced by there friends. With the Android market share growing at such a rapid rate this is a real problem for them. People want choice. Samsung offers a model of phone to suit nearly everyones tastes, not to mention customise how the OS looks to suit their taste. There is one iphone. Maybe it is time for them to reduce profit margins and provide some vareity before they get swollowed up by the market. They have a hell of a lot of cash in researve. Perhaps it is time to spend it on R&D and seriously try to innovate. The other thing is they have made the iphone a fashion statement. People's tastes however change, yet the iphone has remained stagnate. IOS still looks much the same. The iphone 5 looks really quite similiar to the iphone 4. I think the fall in the market price is reflecting this. Don't get me wrong, with that much cash reserves if they get serious and pump a lot of money into R&D they could easily become dominant again, but if they don't make some serious changes they will begin to suffer in the mobile space.
  13. They play catchup whether you like it or not. What has custom job got anything to do with it. They trail in terms of the specs of the hardware and then they catch up. And as already mentioned the CPU is not the only hardware feature they trail on. What do you mean it is hilarious. I have often mentioned on here I think it is a design flaw, but I don't see what is funny about it. When a new Galaxy comes out it still dominates on all the benchmarks. It just means on equal or near equal hardware iOS has a performance advantage. You still need itunes for a lot of what is now basic functionality. Or at least a lot of the apps you need to replace this basic functionality cost money, when really it should be built into the OS.
  14. http://www.anandtech...one-5-review/11 go back a page to see general/CPU performance for browser based stuff. nearly every single graph on that page has the iphone 5 and the 3rd gen ipad at the top. on paper, android devices are very impressive, touting big numbers when it comes to CPU speed, cores and RAM. unfortunately numbers alone do not translate directly into better performance, or even a better experience. maybe samsung should learn how to make efficient handsets that do more with less than just brute forcing with more cores and cycles (and still failing to beat it). to me, The reason iOS is running faster on some of these benchmarks is because it runs directly on the phone, where as Android is handicapped as it runs through a Java virtual machine, which will be evident in some benchmarks. From a practical viewpoint this becomes less important as hardware improves, which is why when each new Galaxy comes out it becomes the new leader on all the benchmarks, then Apple gets some of the same hardware (i.e. they catch up) and leverage on the fact they aren't running through a virtual machine to get ahead on the benchmarks. There is also more to hardware that CPUs and GPUs. There are things like NFC, usb compatibility, quirky stuff like projector beams, etc. Then there are screens, phones like the Galaxy have a massive screen, and the market has shown this is what people want. I myself have a screen the size of the new iphone (I bought my phone a while ago) and I think it is too small. No matter how you look at it Apple trails with Hardware and they play catch up when the new iPhone gets released. Apple doesn't equal BSD and Android does not equal Linux. Apple uses the freeBSD kernel and Android runs on top of a Linux based kernel. If you ran the Androids implentation of their Java virtual machine on the freeBSD kernel not too many people would even notice. Contrast this to a regular linux distribution, which tends to operate more tightly integrated with the Kernel and which you generally have more direct access to the Kernel and a GNU userland. Now the kernel Apple uses is also open source it is just under a different licence. It is under the BSD licence, which essentially gives anyone ownership of the software under that licence. I.e. they can compile it directly as closed source and sell it as there own if they like. Where as Linux is under the GPL licence, and you can't do that. If you modify the Kernel and what do distribute it you must distribute it as open source. I am not sure it would be wise to put money on the Linux kernel being more efficient than the BSD one either. The freeBSD community is very big on stability, security and perfomance. There main market is the server market. This is the whole point, it is dumb. It is taking away choice in an attempt to lock you into their ecosystem. You still actually need itunes installed on your computer. When my wife bought here iphone 4 (obviously some time ago) she couldn't actually install itunes on her Macbook because it was running Tiger OS. Apple no longer supported it and forced her to upgrade to the lattest version of OSX at the time to install itunes. If we had a Window's machine in the house then we could have used that, but we could not actually use Apples own operating system. They continually lock down there ecosystem in all kinds of stupid ways like it is a privilege that you can actually use it. This is incredible arrogance on their behalf. Apple has unfortunately introduced the locked down ecosystem. Nobody would have put up with on their, PC. Could you imagine buying a PC and not having administration rights to it, yet somehow they have brainwashed the masses that this is OK on a phone and now they are slowly making OS more and more locked down as well.
  15. Another thought with regards linux, I am not sure what Ubuntu uses (despite the fact it is on one of my computers) but sometimes the default media player isn't the best choice. I think mplayer from the command line is probably the best choice. If you are a GUI person then VLC isn't too bad. Anothing thing to note with Steam beta testing at the moment on (Ubuntu) Linux, Nvidia has been putting some serious effort I believe into the perfomance of its proprietary drivers.