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  1. Some updates: Main site: Merged all members rides forums into a single forum Fixed bug with "Cars - Private Sales" categories Mobile skin updates: Pagination (Page selection) Quick search Board index / Forum view icons Members rides icons Forum categories Lots more to come!
  2. You know what my bad, I mis-read your post, bad idea to be coding past midnight. I'll try your suggestion with the highest z-index.
  3. buoy I really hope you notice the typo's in your css. Can you tell me which browser you are using and having the z-index issues with?
  4. Just an update, I added First/Last page buttons beside the Prev/Next buttons for the Mobile skin. As for page numbers, I will try and find the best way to implement them, maybe a drop down box would be more appropriate for mobile? Loz will be working on the mobile skin, making it more user friendly, however please note, the mobile skin is not and nor will it be a complete replacement for the PC forums, it's an add-on to be used along side the site. Can we get enough of the "Bring back the old, forget the new" comments and focus now on improving the new site.
  5. Can you try clearing your cookies and cache? As for the uploads problem, will have to look more into it.
  6. haha its what get me through my work day! on topic i cant get the active topics to work on android using firefox, i click general and it reloads the page instead of dropping down the menu, work fine on my pc though. That's because the current menu has not been designed to work with touch devices, there is a mobile skin for that reason. In the new mobile skin there is a button up the top right that looks like a window, press that and you can view new content.
  7. The front page will be redone in the near future, just working on the bugs with the latest forums updates.
  8. External links should now open in a new window, please try it out.
  9. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all the UNC boys and girls. For Christmas I decided to get myself a V-Tec badge to put on my windscreen in front of my 10" Tacho.
  10. http://www.news.com.au/couriermail/story/0,23739,26476818-952,00.html Cool story bro.
  11. Hardtuned.net Xmas Cruise

    Wow only $2.50 for Keish's sausage and free onion. Bargain.
  12. Guys of UnitedNissan

    GHOSTrun I threw up a little at your fail car.
  13. Yes that's right folks you certainly heard correctly, let me chisel this into your mind. Ok all the other 180's out there are like saggy old man tits (Sexy albeit), then we come to mine and it's like looking at a full nude shot of Megan Fox if she was attractive. On top of that since it's being manly, It's a nude shot with chest hair from her eyebrows and balls that are made of actual steel. Yes that's right my 180 is all this and more. So get some basic specs: Model: 1991 180sx K's Series Engine: SR20DET Redtop Mileage: 130XXX kms Colour: Champagne Did a compression test this week, pulling 152 psi on all cylinders, suck it bitch, WOOO. Here are some pictures I took shortly after I got it (Uploaded last year): http://s402.photobuc...pp104/Tamimego/ Here's a collection of parts I've collected over the last year, some are fitted and some are still in the process of being fitted. Brian Crower 264/264 stage 2 cams Brian Crower retainer and spring kit Ferrea race stainless steel inlet/exhaust valves Tomei rocker arm stoppers Tomei 1.8mm head gasket HKS racing spark plugs Nismo fuel pressure regulator Sard 550cc injectors Bosch 023 fuel pump HKS GT2530 T28 BB turbo 6Boost T28 steam-pipe manifold ARP exhaust manifold studs Haltech E8 Haltech 3-bar map sensor Haltech boost controller solenoid K&N pod filter GReddy style oil sump with baffles Earls performance braided turbo lines Tomei style 3" dump pipe and HKS style 3" front pipe with Flexi-shaft Catco 3" high flow cat converter Unknown 3" cat-back exhaust Exedy heavy duty clutch Generic HICAS lock-bar Generic front strut brace Generic front mount inter cooler SSR Super N-GT 17" rims R32 front brake rotors Nardi deep dish steering wheel Autometer boost gauge S15 JDM Package B rare orange suede seats. Top of the line Eclipse head unit Pioneer front splits with directional tweeters JL Audio 4 channel amp Soundstream mono-block amp 2x 12" Soundstream subs Parts that I'm getting but haven't purchased yet: Adjustable cam gears Koyo radiator GReddy oil catch can BC Racing coil overs V1 series (8kg front / 6kg rear) Haltech wideband O2 sensor R33 front brake callipers Lightened pulley kit Lightened flywheel Midnight mods oil cooler kit with tune agent plate Earls oil braided line with inline filter GKTECH no holes front mount inter cooler kit to replace crappy one. That's about everything I can list. Plan to get another clutch but haven't decided on what yet. Car visually will be a complete sleeper, planned to keep original rims but needed more space for skyline callipers. Still a fair amount of work to go, but may have everything done before the new year!