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  1. Malware

    im getting the same with firefox
  2. South of sydney, Wollongong. There is a wheel repair place in Unanderra who may do it but I cannot recall the name.. Looks as though I'm back to the original plan, sell the 4 stud xd9s and buy 5 stud wheels.
  3. Thought as much, thank you.
  4. Ah, didn't consider that. Thank you for the first proper reply, I'll have a look. Do you happen to have any suggestions on which companies can re-drill?
  5. Thanks, that really answered my question.
  6. As per topic, I have a set of 4 stud xd9s which I love but now im going 5 stud, is it possible to get these re-drilled to 5 stud making them effectively multi-stud?
  7. Price : $100 Condition : Used All to suit s13/180sx Work xd9 4x114.3 17x9.5 +17 bronze. One wheel has scratches all around the outter lip as I had a tyre de-bead on me. Can be repaired I never bothered as didn't effect the wheel, other 3 wheels have small gutter marks. Comes wrapped in 235/45r17 tyres all round, rears need replacing, fronts are continentals and still good condition. $1800 ono to give idea of damage. More pics available on request. Hypergear ATR28 G3 (3076r internals) made 290rwkw on sr20. Has adjustable waste gate actuator. Comes with stainless low mount manifold, 3" dump pipe, braided oil line and braided drain hose. $800 Fujitsubo legalis exhaust. Supported 290rwkw and passed epa/engineers certificate. Comes with Gktech front pipe and 3" decat made to look like a cat. $400 3" hi-flow cat this was used to pass epa/engineers certificate. $100 Stock cat punched out. $20 r33 front seats to suit s13/14/15 heaps better than stock s13 seats. No rips no tears. $150 s13 black top cylinder head, bc springs and retainers. Some damage due to rocker arm breakage. Comes with stock s13 inlet manifold $50 Surge tank 1.5 or 2L not sure. $100 Custom made airbox, passed epa/engineers certificate. comes with 3" bell mouth k&n pod filter and 2.5" metal intake pipe (lines up with low mounted turbo) $250 Custom catch can 2 or 2.5L capacity. $200 Low ballers will be ignored and no I will not go out of my way to meet you somewhere. Located Wollongong area.
  8. take it out and take it to an engine shop, see if they can repair it cheaply. however it may cost just as much to buy a new cam...had this happen twice to me..new cams both times.

    I wouldn't mind seeing that as a comparison...but i kinda like the flares as it gives it a muscle car look.

    ah cheers for that, good to get a non-stupid/wanker/sarcastic reply.

    so instead of posting an answer you post a sarcastic comment? good work. Care to link to website? Unless my searching skills are inferior to yours I have found numerous blogs etc but not the official website.

    found 16x9.5 and 16x10 +11 but pretty sure that was ont he s14..

    sorry for the thread bump, but i cannot find specs on how much wider the rocket bunny guards are for 180sx.. anyone know? or know wheel combo/offsets that fill the guards?
  14. Sr20 rocker arms breaking

    was waiting for them to start gabbering..f'n lads lol