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  1. Make : NISSAN SKYLINE Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 114000 Price : $12,000 Condition : Used Hey, Had this car for about 18 months, really is one of the cleanest r34's on the road. Come look for your self. Paint and body are faultless, no fading or dints. Engine and drive line are strong as ever. R34 GTT Turbo Manual AR2 Red (rare color) low Ks, 114,000 Just serviced. Mods, Turbo Back 3" Exhaust. Adjustable Caster rods D2 coilovers Intercooler. (Return flow, NO HOLES!) HKS Panel filter. Will through in BNR34 GTR Front bar (not fitted) Apart from that, stock as a rock. Not boosted. Still runs 5-7 PSI like the R34's do. Any tests welcome. For easy of sale I will supply a current Victorian RWC and 12 months rego (till March 2014) $12,000 May be interested in swaps, try me. Zero434 496 747
  2. S15 VS 200sx

    Lion, Elephant. Same!
  3. Jarryd how did your porting go? end up putting it back on?
  4. my bottom end was good for 300kw, but i made 301kw and it blew to peices, so be careful man seriouis, go look at turbo reference guide,
  5. 275kw is a pretty precise figure, Any reason?, Disco wont get you there, Unless MAYBE on e85. s15 turbo is the same as s14 t28 not going to get an extra 80kw out of it. Go bigger if you really need 275kw.
  6. Well I had a spare one of my XR6 turbo, and it looks exacly the same, Bolts up fine. question is how will it hold boost. lol
  7. Ok so regarding boost controll issues. I just removed the rear housing and messured the wastegate port, and Flap. Port is 24mm Flap is 33mm So I dont see why we cant port the housing at least a few mm. I need a new dremel, So gunna give it a crack this week sometime. Will keep posted.
  8. im gunna port my wastegate flap, ill let ya know how it goes. and turbos dont need to be run in. Once they got oil in them, They good to go.
  9. champagne 180sx streeter/work mule

    Tonight I started unwrapping the goodies, . In-bay intercooler is in the works R33 fan and shroud work a treat, So much room to play with. (recommend this clutch fan as an upgrade over stock sr blade) Type X front Is very exciting =) Just need to get it painted. Tail lights are IN!
  10. Hello people. I'm Luke Been a member for years, But lately things are getting exciting with new parts arriving daily =) So I thought id share my build. car has been my daily work mule for a long time now, I do 500+ks every week and she loves every bit of it, As do I =) Got the motor built in 2010 down here in Geelong by precision engines. Just with the basics. ACL race series rebuild kit. - CP's - Spool rods - Cometic MLS HG - APR head studs - ACL race series bearing kit With the help of a Garrett GT3076r it made 303kw on 19psi for a while, but eventually I decided to ditch the high mount turbo on the pursuit of more STEALTH! And to be honest driving daily with that much power through the stock sr20 gearbox made me more nervous than a long-tailed dog in a room full of rocking chairs. So my build is all about TRYING to keep things legal and avoid unwanted attention. With the way Police are these days who can afford not to. So you wont see any wheels sticking out of guards, 40mm ground clearance or straight through pipes extending 3 meters past my rear bar =p Just a stealth looking 180 that puts a smile on my face like this =D Parts I have in my bedroom: - Td06SL2-20g, Kando dynamics (lives under my bed) - Type X kit + tail lights - Gktech goodies, bash plate, 3" dump pipe strut bars. before Pics are here, Engine bay was an absolute mess, Wires everywhere, Useless thermo fans. (time for an In-bay intercooler) Let the twirling of spanners begin =)
  11. Any one got any ideas?
  12. I was hoping so =) As in, plus A into B? Seems to simple to be right. hah Cheers mate.
  13. Hi fello Nissan fans, need some help pleaseeee =) I have decided to ditch my microtech lt10's and go back to the all mighty power FC. Initially i was going to ditch the lot and start with a new loom. But this one actually isnt as bad as i thought it would be. For example, -Coilpack loom -o2 sensor plug -CAS -AFM -Water temp sensor All this stuff is still in place and uncut. =) yay Q1, Any one know what the 8 pin plug (A) is? Diagnostic? It looks like the same connection as ( plug. Only ( has more than 8 pins. Q2. The one labeled "plugged in" this is the dash loom yah? Q3. Is this going to be an absolute mission?lol maybe i should just take it somewhere and dish out the dole hairs. I have a good understanding off normal mechanical duties, And I'm no stranger to the soldering iron =p cheers lads.
  14. Epic car fail thread

    Not a car fail by any means, But sus the spoiler. Lol
  15. Split dump or Screamer?

    +1 ^^^ close thread