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    I love Tattoos & Piercings. <br />Drifting; <br />BRING ON SUPER DRIFT 2009 :] <br />Shopping & cruising; are my therapies. <br />My TX3 is an endless money pit. <br />I’m living for THE WEEKEND. <br />Party hard, but dance harder. <br />The Sims 2 & Gossip Girl ♥ <br />Meaningless photos with my girls= GOLDDD. <br />MySpace & MSN are an addiction. <br />I am very good at working under pressure. <br />Multitasking is one of my hidden skills. <br />I enjoy a good challenge. <br />I love being lazy; but wish I could do it more. <br />My biggest reward & biggest achievement is being a mother. <br />Wakeboarding is the ultimate sport. <br />I love my thongs, trackies, dressing gown & ugg boots. <br />Can’t wait for summer 08/09 babeyyy! <br />Bring on the river & sun baking. <br />I love travelling for Chris' drifting; 2009 is his year!<br />Summer hill driving is the ultimate remedy. <br />Speeding Fines are a real pain in the arse. <br />I hate the way my brother wears his pants & drives is car like gangster. <br />I hate dishes. <br />Speed humps hurt my front bar ]: <br />Cold whether is not cool. <br />I hate traffic & Adelaide roads. <br />Putting petrol in annoys me to no end. <br />SAPOL don’t seem to like me much :[<br />Last but not least; <br />Be good or be good at it.
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    Nissan Silvia
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    SR2ODET S13- Garrett 2871R Turbo, NISMO 550cc Injectors, Sard fuel pressure regulator, Bosch 044 Fuel pump, Hybrid Front mount intercooler, Greddy Oil cooler, Stainless Steel Low-Mount manifold, Z32 Air flow meter, HKS Mushroom pod, 3
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    Stay at home Mummy :]
  1. Drift School

    Paying my entry fee today Should be good if the right side of the silvia stops being retarded! xxx
  2. Thanks Skye. They're all hardcore with they're keyboards because they're sick n shit. If you have shit to say, try and be big men and say it to my face next time guys...
  3. I was in a fine mood, if the speed limit says 100... Do the bloody speed limit. It's pretty simple hey. The dude in the soarer, you were lucky I wasnt driving. Last time I checked mate, I'm 19 & a half. That still classifys me as a teenager, old wtf? Seriously, get a life. The whole MMMilf thing... There a set of number plates for christ sakes. If there that much of an issue for you, just don't look at them hey. If you wanna start being wankers, by all means be a wanker. But this bitch bites. Gary, its ok dude. I don't really care what they have to say on here hey?
  4. Cruise this Saturday Night the 18th

    Mate's 19th that night. Pity, would be keen out take the silvia for a nice drive. Deffs keen for a cruise when the laser is back from respray! Hope it goes well anyway. xx
  5. Drift School

    Jas will be driving the S13 too I can't wait to see her out on the track finally after watching me for all these years Don't know if I should be scared or excited? Chris keeps amping drift school, making me nervous. As long as he understands the car maybe worse for wear. LOL. Can't wait to get Mike out there though! xxx
  6. Drift Prac 11th Oct at Mallala

    Tissue? F**king shut up, yeah?
  7. Drift Prac 11th Oct at Mallala

    Ashley, maybe he doesnt want to? Were tight atm, we have one car in respray & the other one well, for sale. Were mcfcked if someting happens to the silvia. We can kiss our Evo goodbye. I would love him to go out there & publicly KICK YOUR ARSE Secondly, I know of another car yhe'd love to line up But... Just stop pressuring him! FFS. Anyhow, if he goes out he will have to share track time with his woman HAHA, and we don't want the crash queen her self out there now do we? HAHA. Well have a good night out sliding for those wo do make it. All the best! xxx
  8. TX3's respray is going over time :[ So it wont be making it to Kadina or Small Car Sunday as we had of hoped. :[ DEVOOO. By the sounds of it, silvia isn't even in Adelaide yet?? Havent heard back from the depot yet. Should hopefully be back by 2mro morning, if not... GO THE PULSAR haha. Put your drinking hat on Kenny :] Should be a good weekend tho. xxx
  9. Ohh did you wanna lend us $1.5k to do the 5 stud conversion while were at it? LOL. Just jokes buddy. I think he's gonna have it sorted in the morning. Hope your recovery from the weekend wasnt too harsh xxx
  10. Hey there. Yes, definately Chris will call you first thing. Thanks Champ. xx
  11. Hey Guys :] He really needs 4 studs, or 4-5 stud spacers Send him a PM in the morning, he'll be at work so he can reply then. I think he is tryna borrow some spacers locally, but he'll let you know. Thanks for all your offers guys... xx
  12. So, do we have rims for you to drift on yet or what? See you when you get home from work :] xxx

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  14. hey guys :] he really needs help. this round were aiming high :] because 2009 is gonna be his year :] goes on a truck thurs. morning. xxx