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  1. xs power turbo kit honda d series rb20 & accessories

    Would like gone asap. Will bring to Melb area for no extra cost
  2. Xs power turbo kit for d series honda engines. Full kit incl front mount (one side painted black), manifold, pipes, braided lines etc. only ever been test fitted. Down pipe allows you to retain power steering and a/c. Great condition rb20 turbo (no shaft play) malpassi fuel reg, brand new walbro fuel pump, brand new turbotech t piece boost controller, brand new saas boost gauge, brand new apexi turbo timer. Paid over $2000 for the lot asking $1000 located killara 2 mins from wodonga bunnings. Happy to bring to Melbourne area. Is advertised elsewhere. No longer needed as my car was stolen and torched before i got to fit it. Can send more photos on request. email spencerk_1987@hotmail.com for enquiries.
  3. tattoos

    So i got a new one on Monday until i do tax and have money to do my other leg.. Just a tribute to my love for cars haha
  4. 94 Eg Civic- EG2ENV *stolen and burnt*

    Just a heads up too guys, I was insured with shannons for my civic and it has been nothing but bulls**t since i made the first call to them to let them know she had been stolen. They have withheld so much info and when they do tell me info its all lies and it a never happens or b happens completely different to what they said it would. Bad experience and i will never touch them again. It is emotional enough without incompetent idiots making it worse.. Between them and the police they couldn't locate my car for two and a half weeks, then they finally figure it out, "oh we towed it two and a half weeks ago" Wouldn't recommend them. (They couldn't organise a root in a brothel) That's my 2 cents worth
  5. EG progress.... finishing touches happenin now

    So as some of you would have read in members rides, EG2ENV was stolen and burnt and is no longer. You can see pics there) I miss her every day and never did get to turbo her, all the goodies are boxed and waiting for someone to man handle them lol I obviously no longer need them so you will find the turbo kit and accessories in the classifieds section. Please someone take them off my hands and enjoy it like i wanted to.. Cheers
  6. Price : $1,350 Condition : Used I have a set of Genuine 20" Vertini Mclarens for Sale Stud pattern is 5x100 Offset ET40 I know these fit 07 rs and will clear brembos on 02 sti. These wheels are in brand new condition. Freshly re-cleared professionally by a panel shop using cerami-clear and Brand New Carbon tyres 245/30/20 have not been driven on. Selling due to them not fitting on my new car. Paid 3200 new. Asking 1350 Located west melbourne. COD or bank deposit and organise your own transport.
  7. Price : $1,200 Condition : Used Hey guys selling a brand new (only test fitted) xs power turbo kit specific for D series engines. Could be used on others with some small mods. No longer needed as my civic was stolen. Kit includes Excellent condition used rb20 turbo, Brand new (only test fitted) xs power turbo kit including cooler (half stainless half black), pipes, manifold, 3" dump pipe, braided lines and all fittings, BOV and wastegate blanking plate, Walbro fuel pump, Malpassi fuel reg, brand new Turbotech t piece boost controller, brand new Sass 2.5" white faced boost gauge, brand new Apexi o2 turbo timer. $1350 for the lot. (Paid over 2g) Will not separate. ***Price drop $1200*** Happy for inspections if wanted. Pick up in West Melbourne or buyer to arrange postage at own cost. Contact Krystel 0415588160 Cheers
  8. Car accidents you've been in

    I had my first car ( a te gemini) for 12 days before i wrote it off. Round a corner and straight into a tree. Wasnt being an idiot, was driving a friend home on a break and i was used to driving a VK, come round the corner and there were loose stones everywhere next thing you know mate and i are looking at each other saying WTF and bang. Lucky it was a hot day and windows were down cause we couldnt open the doors. No major injuries but very scary!
  9. tattoos

    well i now have 6 tattoos and getting more soon enough. I have since got a large piece on my thigh which took about 8.5 hrs all up (5 day one and 3.5 the next morning) and i also got a little bow on my wrist for my bday last year as a present off my tattooist. My leg also got featured in tattz magazine which was pretty sawweeeeeet (the pics of my leg are just after it was finished so a little raised but looks so much better once it settled all the colours etc) I had planned to get a little owl on my other foot until i can afford to do my other thigh but as usual my tattoist answer is get it bigger, so that has fallen through and were planning the thigh lol
  10. 94 Eg Civic- EG2ENV *stolen and burnt*

    Hey mate, not sure to be honest. i would guess 18x7 or 7.5 but yeah not sure and thanks so do i Just very stressful and emotional
  11. 94 Eg Civic- EG2ENV *stolen and burnt*

    Thanks guys. Yes was selling it and it has been up for over 12 months now. Was actually considering keeping it. Rwd conversion and gen 3 ls1 summernats here I come. Haha Can't keep it now. And not insurance job, why the f would I do that? I loved the thing. And if I was a stupid idiot to do something like that wouldn't I have done it years ago rather than paying the rego and insurance? Idiot.. Thanks for the thoughts guys. I miss it. Still waiting for it to show up in the shed all shiny and pretty.. Oh and west melb was stolen from hoppers crossing.
  12. 94 Eg Civic- EG2ENV *stolen and burnt*

    hi guys, i have an update but its not a good one. my above baby was taken from me sat night and was burn to pieces. Nothing salvagable as you will see in the pictures Bummer! I do have my turbo kit and accessories at home which is no use to me so please if you know someone pass it on. http://www.ebay.com....9#ht_500wt_1287