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  1. Rules and regs for drift cars? NSW

    No, but why would you want to
  2. Autumn Ebisu Matsuri 2014, Whose Going?

    I think the guy who owned it may be called Dan. If it's the same guy he has a build thread on here with an LS powered FC RX7 convertible.
  3. S15 Front Suspension

    Just stick with stock lower control arms as a lot of the after market ones are crap and will flog out quickly.
  4. Rules and regs for drift cars? NSW

    No there is nothing like that. Best to avoid driving with anyone you don't know or haven't asked if it's ok to tandem with beforehand.
  5. Autumn Ebisu Matsuri 2014, Whose Going?

    I heard the Urban is already booked out for November. I think the guy who owned that car may be on here too.
  6. GFUNKs Onevia - crashed now im sad :'(

    Hopefully you can fix it up and get back out there Been following your build thread for many years now haha
  7. Local PARTS for sale

    Selling a few parts from my R31. R31 Cusco Camber tops, haven't seen much use as I upgraded to coilovers soon after - $180 Garage 7 R31 to S13 Tie rod adapters, lets you use s13 tie rods + ends on your 31 plus more lock - $80 Borg Warner 3.89 diff gears - $120 R31 Silhouette LSD, rebuilt at some point with commodore cones - $50 Complete R31 Diff with Kaaz 2 Way, 4.11 gears, bearings recently changed, slotted brake rotors - $1000 R33 NA GTS front calipers and rotors, also come with pads - $250 Whiteline front and rear sway bars - $250 Autotecnica steering wheel, 350mm, cracked horn button - $40
  8. Still getting cool vinyl/stickers?
  9. Rules and regs for drift cars? NSW

    Depends what events your planning on entering. If it's just a general practice day then you can check out some of the requirements listed on this page: http://initialdrift.com.au/nextday.php If your building the car for comps check out the ADGP Rules and Regulations, chapter 4: http://trackbattle.com.au/adgp/events/rules-regulations/ If you have your fuel pump mounted in your back seat you may need it to be sealed of from the rest of the cabin in some kind of box. I just use the factory bonnet latch but at times I've been asked to use a rope as a secondary restraint. Exhaust generally needs to exit somewhere outside the car, i.e.not dumping at the cat. No need for a dash as long as you still have all the controls you need like lights, hazards.
  10. D1 2014 series...

    Thats a long way to travel if your just going to see D1. D1SL Round 3 is on the 12/13 July at Ebisu Circuit if you want something a little closer to Tokyo.
  11. drift challenge australia

    Anyone have any clues on where the VIC round will be held?
  12. My F31 Leopard

    Don't ruin one of the few F31's we have in Aus please.
  13. Local CARS for sale

    Hi guys Currently looking at selling my RB20DET ENGINEERED 1989 R31 Skyline Silhouette so I can try something different. I've owned the car for roughly 3 years now, mostly using it at Wakefield Park track days. It's well setup for both grip and drift while still being able to drive around town comfortably and legally as the car has an engineers certificate for the modifications performed. Oil has been changed after every track day the car has done, roughly every 2000km's. The only reason I stopped using it as a daily driver was someone tried to steal it once and as I work nights I wasn't comfortable leaving it out anymore. The body could do with some love but the paint for the most part is still in good condition which is quite rare for a 20+ year old red car! ** NOTE car will be sold WITH Road Worthy Certificate ** Here is a list of parts although I've probably forgotten somethings. 1989 Series 3 Silhouette Red over silver paint 350,000 km's on chassis 200,000 km's on engine (roughly) Engine: R32 RB20DET Front mount Intercooler Pod filter 3 inch cat back exhaust Slightly re-tuned factory ecu Stock boost 140RWKW Driveline: RB20 Gearbox Exedy heavy duty clutch Short shifter Kaaz 2 Way and 4.11 Gears (diff rebuilt less than 10,000 k's ago) Suspension: Front. S13 BC BR type RH coilovers S13 LCA's and knuckles Garage 7 SMM Offset R31 Conversion Rack Spacers GP Sports S13 tie rods + ends Custom adjustable castor rods Whiteline swaybar Whiteline strut brace Reconditioned steering rack (less than 10,000 k's ago) Lots of new Bushes Rear. S13 BC BR type RH coilovers Whiteline swaybar Adjustable panhard rod Brakes: R32 GTS-t front calipers GTS rotors Stock rear Bendix ultimate pads Front QFM Super X Rear Modified handbrake Exterior: Rising sun bonnet Removed rear spoiler but comes with the original silhouette one Passenger fender in need of paint Black number plates Interior: 330mm deep dish steering wheel Trust gear knob Autometer water temp gauge Import drivers seat Basic stereo Battery relocated to the boot Immobiliser + central locking Wheels: 17x7's with brand new tyres (not pictured) Price $6,500 WITH RWC
  14. 4 Door R32 \(^-^)/ Calsonic.

    How did you go about the stickers? Did you design them all yourself? Car looks amazing !~

    Your best bet is to pick up a copy of Drift Tengoku magazine when you arrive and checking the event calendar to see whats on. Nikko Circuit usually has drift events on fairly often during January.