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    Pearl White S14 s2 on the Logan MWY this morning Dudes GF was driving, saw the HT.net sticker on the dash, she floored it out of every gate too.
  2. Do chickens have sex everyday?

    oh man, u really though that. Do chicks need to have sex once a month to have their rags? same deal

    White s15 going out to brookfield last night, nice driving on the bends. nice clean ride
  4. "bikey war"

    nice dudes if you don't f**k with em hell I'd rather hav bikeys around than some viet gang that will meat cleaver ur head if u look at them There are clubhouses all over the place in brissy, no biggie, half the time the doors are closed
  5. ahhh yeah done that too. but its not one of my best actions, I prefer her legs over each of my shoulders but i like my legs to be bent kinda like a asian guy squatting. The pile driver but i always feel like im going to break something in her (not because im huge but because of how deep and hard it goes in) try doing what i said before han. its pretty good... well i like it... and thats all that matters its basically the same way as you do it han but it really is sideways (you both are on the side) the next time your doing it, and hes on top just wrap ur legs around his waist, put your arms around his neck and put him on either side of you and release ur legs around his waist so he can move f**king lol I do the same ocasionally, but no asian squat I prefer the lazy sideways spooning, no effort for either
  6. Favourite Childrens Show

    poor softy, too many votes ur way I am down with Gumby, I wonder if Gumby ever got to have hawt clay sex with goo Jhonson and friends rocked too
  7. I am in melbs at the moment got me one of these though
  8. what is your latest purchase?

    Got these puppies today Vegan friendly PS. I love meat
  9. I don't know how similar it is but stretched ears come back down in size, mine went from 10mm to normal post size in about 6 months, maybe vaginas do shrink back after a while
  10. that is the point more experience = loosness sooooo they tear because they get loose? wrong way round, they get loose coz they tear either way, experienced pornstar vag is rancid
  11. Confused with BF

    Us boys don't really do the phone thing, I have been with my missus for 6 years and she still doesn't get that. So, for all the girls out there: Boys don't sit on the phone and chit chat, the phone is an organisation tool or a way to send funny photos etc via mms. So don't go too hard about when you are apart, but he should still call occasionaly to check up, I assume in this time together, you are in love, so a call every day or two just to tell you he loves you should be expected. The whole him not wanting to go to your place thing is just a comfort thing, but lame. I used to do it to my missus, but realised that I was being a bit of a cheapskate, now I even go up the coast with her family and stuff. I think you should talk to him about it, no point just stewing over it till you leave him.
  12. that is the point more experience = loosness
  13. I have had virgin, when younger that were loose as, I have had experienced chicks that were tight. I think more milage will make a girl loose but it all depends on how loose they start out in the first place. Pr0ns study is the answer, proper pornstars seem to have the loosest vag of all whereas some student doing a few shoots to pay the bills usually will have a nice tight package.