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  1. Looking for any work with fair wages I can get while i study. I have general experience around cars, and professional experience in a kitchen, warehousing (receiving stock, packing orders), general labor (rural fencing), have done work experience as an refrigeration mechanic 3-4 weeks. My most recent position was at the Clipsal 500 as a stores person. I would consider myself able to do any job which does not need formal qualifications and I'm able to pick things up fairly quickly. I am a fit 19y.o. Male from Gawler area, Currently studying full time at Uni, this only takes up Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am looking for work anywhere around or north of Adelaide up to the Barossa areas (willing to travel around 50 - 40km from Gawler any direction). I'm available to work Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, at any times. Ideally I would like full day shifts, but will consider anything at the moment. I am reliable, honest, loyal, punctual and can work well under pressure, independently as well as in a team. I can start with a days notice, please feel free to contact me at axx@live.com.au or 0421 789 745 Thanks
  2. New Computer

    thanks for the opinions, i didnt end up getting that graphics card (just copied the original quote) wont be able to upgrade anything for a little while (need a job asap) but it seems to be doing the trick
  3. New Computer

    I know its a bit late to ask opinions, but what do people reckon of my new system? I was aiming to be as future proof as possible, which I guess is impossible with technology but u get the picture Intel - i7 860 Gigabyte P55A-UDP3 - 1156pin ddr3 HDD - 500g RAM - 4gb Kit Kingston 1333 Case- Thermaltake V9 Win 7 Pro Power - Seasonic PSR650+ Graphics ATI 5750 1Gb Currently running 2x 19inch monitors and surround sounds, planning to add a HD 23 or 24 in the future to finish it off Very happy with the person who built it for me, probably saved me several hung. over retail, so if you want his details or want to know what I paid request a PM and I will get back to you cheers
  4. bye bye Caldina hello Soarer

    very sleek