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  1. Price : $5,900 Condition : Good For Sale – Forged SR20DET Blacktop Race Engine. Looking for $5900 or close to, inbox with offers or more questions. Chuck this in your rig and froth. Engine is sound as a pound and is worth $14,000 with everything it has. 250KW at the wheels and 660nm torque at the wheels. Not looking to swap at all for anything or part it out, just need cash to fund the new engine setup. I will leave the engine in the 180SX so it can be heard running before purchase. Selling as I am upgrading to a different engine for bigger HP. Mod list as follows: GKTECH Rocker Arm Stoppers Ported and polished Head Crank and parts crack tested, linished and dipped Head and Block decked Z32 AFM Apexi Power FC with Hand Controller POD filter setup 10 Row CXRacing Oil Cooler Gktech oil kit and filter relocation with lines ARP Main bolts ARP Head Bolts Genuine Greddy oil pan Eagle Rods CP Pistons ACL Race Bearings Garrett 2871R Turbo with braided lines GKTech 3” Stainless Exhaust system with Hi-Flow Cat, Flex Pipe and Dump Pipe Xtreme Ceramic 6 puck sprung clutch Turbosmart Manual Boost Controller Nismo 740CC Injectors Oil Catch Can Engine always had 10w-60 Castrol Edge Oil
  2. Hey guys, as the title states I'm after anyone who may have a set of GKTECH offset steering rack extenders for my 180sx. Now I know I should post in the classifieds section, but I'm from Tassie and I'm only in Melbourne until Monday arvo and then our state drift series is the following Saturday. GKTECH are still waiting on them and I hoped somewhere / someone in Vic may have had some. Thanks anyone for their help!
  3. Hey mate, after some S13 parts you might still have. Need: Radiator shroud, front wheel arch plastics, bonnet heat mat, door locks with key, glove box support bracket (thin/black), passenger door rubber seal on chassis, front window vents and clutch pedal spring. Can you help me at all? Cheers!
  4. Quick / Short joke thread

    Saw this on facebook and lol'd: "I know how to make my dick 10 inches long. How? Fold it in half."
  5. Bought all kinds of items from Greg, I've never been disappointed and always received a1 service! Highly recommend gktech to anyone
  6. Pics from Round 3

    Love photo Number 2 nice!
  7. Looking forward to this one Get sideways DTK
  8. What would you do if it was your SR20?

    Yeah thats what I was thinking, 'STR8E180' is spot on though, Ill try and get my hands on a S15 Oil pump or a SR20VET pump, I figure any relpacement/upgrade is a good one! Yeh I think I have that little tool to check the bore taper, if not ill grab one, definately worth checking. If I have done a bearing pretty bad then its well worth a look as any area could have been off and caused that oval shaped effect. Im heading to a crowd in Hobart (tasmania) to get the block surface sorted out and make sure its spot on the money. You're definately right, getting all these little things done will help ensure that all components are working to their best and last for donkeys years. there are no aftermarket oil pumps for SR20's other then a dry sump oil system most people on here are use the S15, GTiR or SR20VE oil pumps because the gear set is deeper im running a SR20VET oil pump in my sr20 and all which was needed to do to bolt this onto a S13 sr20 bottom end was swap the collar's around STR8E180, I didnt know that, thanks for the advice, is the SR20VET pump from a S15 or something else? Just wondering if it would be beneficial to go with the deeper gear set or not. Thanks for all the input guys, it just helps me think about stuff that I might not have covered or thought about, so far so good! Sounds like once thats all done, time for an assembly, install and tune. I have taken photos of the engine pull and will take shots throughout the build, so if anyone thinks this would be helpful at any stage, I could do a write-up on all things done and how I did it. I noticed that my flywheel had a few hard spots on it so I had it machined last night, looks good now. I also noticed the throw bearing in the bellhousing was a tad sloppy and the clip behind it was only half on so Ill have to sort that out too. Thanks ya'll!!!!!!!!!!
  9. What would you do if it was your SR20?

    I will be having the Crank Balanced, machined and crack tested (Whatever they do when its done!) Then make sure the Bearings match etc. Im not looking in to rebuilding the head unless necesary, the compression test is very good too, Cylinders 1,2,3,4 all tested to a spot on 145psi all round.
  10. Hey all! Some of you might be aware that recently I started up a new topic regarding a knocking sound from my SR20DET Black Top (S13). After some very good advice and help, I decided to pull the engine and try to figure out the problem. Just as we suspected, I found bronze shavings in the bottom of my pan, so it sure does look like a bearing! Anyway, now that the engine is out and I have to opportunity to do a few other things once this is fixed, I thought I would see what you guys think about stuff I should shove in it while its out. Money isnt too big an issue, but neither is HP as its mainly just a clean weekender. So far I have decided to get: ACL Race Bearings all round Greddy Oil Filter Greddy Oil Pan Fuel Filter OEM Oil Pump - Now is there a better aftermarket option for this?? GKTech FMIC - Gotta replace my FMIC because piping is shiza and seen the end of its life, and full of oil! Get the T28 inspected by someone in tassie Splitfire Coil Packs and Plugs Let me know what you think and suggest away! Trying to avoid any future engine pulls, I know its not completley avoidable but some preventative work would help it last!
  11. 2009 Tasmanian Drift Series

    4 cars and 5 drivers actually Holy Sheet, Now that would be sweet ey! Tassies bendy roads . . . Love this place!
  12. 400 Round 1 Flyers Require Distributing!

    I dont mind putting some out if you have any more dude, not much time left though ey so need to get them out asap Shoulda been sooner though!
  13. Bad Knocking sound

    Yeah I get the feeling thats what it is. I was hoping it might have been a stopper arm or a spring but by the sounds of it things are much worse. Ive started dismantling everything today and going over the lot with a fine tooth comb and allready things look messy Ive decided that while the 180 is out of action I can put away a shite load of cash and Im just going all out and buying one of the packages -Street(O)Forced- offers. I realise I could get the bottom end rebuilt but then I just have my old slugged out SR20DET back. Its a crap tractor really and its had a hard life, I cant believe it still runs but anyways. Im hoping very shortly I can discuss this further with Street Forced and get a dirty 295KW's out of the new build 180sxtcy - The knocking only seems to occur when the rpm range is from 2400-3800rpm, either side of that the sound is non existent. The truth is it could be anything. Im getting the service manual out later and am going to pull off the rocker cover and just have a quick look to see if there is anything outta place. Hopefully this process is straight foward as I havent done the rocker on a sr20 before but we will see how we go Thank you guys so much for helping me try and fix this issue, good help is hard to find these days - Its a dying breed!
  14. Bad Knocking sound

    Shiza thats what i thought and was afraid off. What makes you think that though dude? It could possibly be a Valve spring, the SR20's have duel springs yeah?
  15. Bad Knocking sound

    Hey guys heres a youtube video of the problem http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=zZrFfbNFF8s