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  1. Tomei Short Shifter (RARE/ DISCONTINUED)

  2. Tomei Short Shifter up for sale, rare and discontinued item. Includes all installation parts and instructions if required. Includes GKtech Solid shifter bushing. Shortens throw by 30% and makes shifting more precise, quicker and feel more solid. Selling due to upgrading to an RB25DET gearbox. Fitment: S13, S14, S15 (5 speed only) - Both KA & SR, R32 & R31 (GTS), R33 & R34 (GTS25NA), Z31 (VG20, RB20), A31) Price: $250 Location: Melbourne (SE Suburbs)
  3. HoonWatch, LOL

    hahaha this Hoon thing is getting out of control (LOL @ HoonWatch) people have too much time on there hands they should join the fun...
  4. AE86 sprinter

    Do you need a daily ? if you do then fix it up for the streets but if not then DRIFTER
  5. Repair Cost For A Nissan S13

    Great thanks for the comments guys! i think ill buy the car! if all goes well with RWC etc...
  6. Turbo Auto Transmission

    I agree if you want a turbo on it just find a factory auto turbo and install it. I don't see why you would post up a question like that im sure you dont need people from nissansilvia to give you the go head its your car you either want a turbo or don't i suggest if you need the extra power add the turbo. You might also want to type whole words instead of cutting ever word short it marks it really hard to read the thread the least you can do is use proper English and full words so people reading it know what your asking.
  7. my new s15

    That looks very tuff i love the rims and the colour of the car its absolutely fabulous! Congratulations take care of her!
  8. Repair Cost For A Nissan S13

    Thank you for all your replies they have helped me since most of you own S13's etc... i take your posts as reliable information i wont be modifying the engine because im on my P's and its a non turbo and there is really no point so it will most likely be stock engine, i will however do some exterior work (Rims, respray, nightshade the lights) but ill be stopping at that. Im wondering are the larger engine parts like starter motor, radiator etc... easy to obtain brand new? or do they have to be bought 2nd hand? sorry guys these might sound like lame ass questions but i want to be sure i can fix the car without having to fork out extra money.
  9. Hey everyone,First off i live in Melbourne and I'm thinking of buying an S13 i have one lined up but I'm getting mixed answers from people around me about the car in general (Not the car im going to buy but the S13 itself) and now I'm confused on weather to buy it or not. My question to you is when coming to repair the car for example starter motor, clutch, break pads, engine repairs are the parts hard to find and are they more expensive then say your other 2 door sport Nissan's or Honda Integra's etc... Im getting alot of mixed vibes about the car repair wise some people say it takes 3-6 months to get parts for it etc... I have put some info about the car below just so you guys know the basic's. Nissan Silvia 1991 SR20DE (Manual) 140,xxx kms I took the car to a mechanic and its mechanically good no leaks anywhere (oil, water etc...) car seems to be straight i also drove it and its a very nice car to drive I'm just having second thought about purchasing it because of future repair costs. So since alot of people here own S13's and 180SX's i was wondering what your repair bills are like and if parts are available without hassles.
  10. favourite genre of music

    Rap / Hip Hop / RnB thats all i listen to in the car
  11. White 98 180sx type x FOR SALE!

    very nice car love it! im a P-Plater currently looking to buy a Type S im just wondering how much you paid for it? if you don't wanna reveal a price thats fine i respect that you can also PM me the price if you don't want it advertised on the thread.
  12. 180SX Turbo Question

    dominque can hook you up i got my 13 from him its never missed a beat Hook me up with an engine conversion or a 180SX NA?
  13. 180SX Turbo Question

    180SX Type-S and Type-R and Type G all non turbos the one you find most common is Type-S. I have not considered a S13 Silvia because they look ugly as hell to me no offence to anyone that owns an S13 some iv seen are decent but not my type of car looks wise i know you can do a 180 front/back conversion but i don't see the point when its always ganna be a S13 not a 180SX i don't need to make my car look like something it's not. R33's and S14's i dont mind there nice cars but im going to try as much as possible to buy a 180SX NA just hopefully i find one for the right price if not then ill consider another car S14/R33 or a Non tuner maybe BMW or something.
  14. 180SX Turbo Question

    Thanks for the advice guys when the time is right ill try find a 180SX NA (or import) i know that insurance is going to be a bitch ill have to check all that before i buy the car but if everything ends up to expensive i might opt for another car until i am off my P-Plates like some of you have suggested. I know now that a DET - DE (take out the turbo) is not the best idea and shouldn't be done for the long run so im not going to do that and a DET to DE engine conversion is just more money (2k for a SR20) and i probably wont end up finding an SR20 engine that's NA. So in conclusion i have three options. 1. Buy an NA 180SX (from here or Import) 2. Buy a totally different car for my 4 years of P's and then buy a 180SX after i get my full license. 3. An Engine conversion (costly i guess) I myself am leaning towards option 1 and possibly option 2 if the first option becomes costly.
  15. 180SX Turbo Question

    Awesome thanks for the words of wisdom that clears up alot, now i know that DET to DE isn't going to happen so should i keep my eye on 180SX NA SR20DE? I know people crash and shit happens but if i get a NA 180SX ill make sure i have full comprehensive so if i do crash (touch would it wont happen) im covered and can get the car fixed. btw i check out Varvs' situation on Google hahah its kinda weird but good advice. P.S. I want to be Special