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  1. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    What lsd you running??
  2. My build

    Will let you know how cpc 8 port manifold goes soon. Running with gtx35. The ca gurus say over 340kw is a good idea to upgrade if you havent ported the stock one already. Looks better too . Interested in the gearbox idea. Cheaper to make two?
  3. DriftSquids SONVIA!

    Good work! more people need to do hillclimbs in this forum. The skill is their
  4. Good work getting this far about another 10g left to finish you reckon?
  5. Re-torque head to be sure to be sure.
  6. Turn the boost up!!!!!
  7. Will you be running the new jerico box. Wonder if the ratios for street driving would be good..
  8. Proformance Parts/Definition Sliders S15

    why the f**k would you drive that piece on the road...... hope the conversion goes well and you can smoke rubber at the track.
  9. 180sx rebuilt CA18 *round 2*

    cj motor have cheap tomei cams also spool imports sell lots of ca18 gear
  10. 180sx rebuilt CA18 *round 2*

    get some tomei 260s cams double valve springs so you can rev to 8500 rpm. dont forget arp mains bolts
  11. POWERTUNE Red Dragon

    might be a dumb question but what oil do you run?
  12. two tone 6.0 litre silvia build - Going Widebody

    i see. The rims are the problem
  13. The Maroon Menace. 455kw monsta!

    should get your car tuned some where else this time.
  14. 1200 Ute

    watching with interest. Not sure if true but i read mobne ca18 made 700hp with 260 8.8 lift cams 40psi could of been with the 4port head tho. Just let you know some laws are changing for mod plating and you should ask and get stuff done now if possible.
  15. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    still interesting you made 135kw with only 4ports open. what rpm did it stop making power at?