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  1. FPV'd the Hex for the first (and second) time today - so smooth.
  2. Its there but I don't even notice it much anymore. I'm planning to take the gopro off tomorrow and put a board cam on and a mobius. This way I can do some flips etc without risking the gopro. I have already killed 2 GoPro's - don't want to kill another.
  3. Yeah thats fine. Frame but without the crab legs - http://www.hobbyking...Warehouse_.html Motors - http://www.hobbyking...Warehouse_.html Props - http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__54415__10_x_5_Thin_Style_E_Prop_Black_Counterclockwise_Rotation_2pc_AU_Warehouse_.html and - http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=54414 ESC's - 4s capable - http://www.hobbyking...Warehouse_.html or ESC - 6s capable (crazy) - http://www.hobbyking...Warehouse_.html Battery Strap - http://www.hobbyking...Warehouse_.html Power Distro board - http://www.hobbyking...Warehouse_.html Battery - http://www.hobbyking...Warehouse_.html Flight Controller - http://boltrc.com/in...&product_id=605 Transmitter - I am using an expensive one but its up to you - http://www.hobbyking...Warehouse_.html LRS - http://www.rangepilo...i8mfrvvhd4mhtb0 Video Receiver - http://www.hobbyking...V_Receiver.html Video transmitter - http://www.hobbyking...ter_Module.html Video antennas - http://www.hobbyking...a_SMA_Set_.html GoPro adapter - http://www.hobbyking...ad_For_FPV.html Goggles - something like this - http://www.hobbyking...nd_5_8G_TX.html GoPro is the video source. Obviously there are connectors and heat shrink etc etc as well.
  4. Put a quad together as well. Will try and put FPV on it tomorrow if I have time. Might be too quick.
  5. 3rd person vid of the hex. Shouldn't be far off FPV'ing it.
  6. Yeah. I'll take a pic of my stuff when I get a chance and post it for you.
  7. Are you running a 3s or 4s battery? Either way I run a separate battery for the video system. I'm sure you can get systems ready to go but its not that hard to put one together. If I had my time again I'd get a Mobius action cam with a wide angle lens. Then the AV cable to go with it (backorder at HK atm) and then a lawmate TX/RX with cloverleaf antennas. It can all be bought on Hobbyking now.3
  8. I bought the Fatsharks when they were the only real option. The glasses are one of the most expensive purchases so buying a few different types to try is out of my budget. Try the following.
  9. I've been putting a new rig together. Hoping to FPV it soon - maybe next week. At this stage I'm waiting for a bluetooth adapter to tune it properly.
  10. Star citizen

    I pledged ages ago but haven't gone any further than that. Need to get a new video card before I get the hanger and dogfighting modules.
  11. Most people start off just learning to hover - tail in. That means the front faces directly away from you. When you can consistently hover like that practice either rolling left and right and the forward and backwards. When you are doing this practice making sure the nose is always facing directly away from you. You need to train your mind and muscles so that flying becomes a reaction rather than a thinking process. Once you can tail in fly then start doing figure 8's and then practice nose in. To be honest i still can't fly nose in well at all.
  12. how did you go getting the FPV stuff together?