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  1. Most Bogan Suburb in Australia VOTE NOW!

    Suburb Name: WOY WOY State: NSW Reason: Mullet, Holden, Drug, Wife Beater, Plugger Central Experiences (if any): Worked there for 5 years every car is a rust bucket every *milkshake* has a mullet and drives a shitty old hoden. Listen to the cop scanner at night when doing light night shift hear stabbing and robberys on the scanner so on road test go sus it out. most of the time it was between husband and wife. Robberies was always teens stealing smokes or cars to rip skids in lol. Also it is near Umina which is called the Bronx buy the local coppers Link to google maps of location (if you want): Link to map
  2. Black Testicles

    Made me LOL
  3. is jelouse that he isnt a ninja
  4. is also a fellow mechanic god my computer is slow lol
  5. scared the shit out of my mrs with a pic of a camel spider Dam you spazo to fast for me
  6. nick names for sexy parts

    vagina = Meow
  7. Can you feel the love??? The truth is escaping
  8. Are you a mechanic to you poor bastard whats wrong with us
  9. im a mechanic ill throw that out there lol
  10. Pet names.

    Retired greyhounds are ment to be awsome dogs cause apprently they are really lazy.. Is this true??