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  1. removing s13 sil steering wheel

    Remove horn Unplug anything in there under the horn pad. Loosen the big nut and back it off about half way. Use fists like hammers and bang right side then left side and right side again towards the dash on the outer part of the wheel a few times then pull back on the wheel to see if it looened up, reat as needed. once the wheel is loose then back the nut off the rest of the way. I have 15+ years as a certified automotive tech,t his works for me every time. Good luck pallnet
  2. Yeh J30's are known here as Nissan Maximas. I used to own one. Leather seats, electric sunroof, cruise control, climate control. P.I.M.P. Awsome to hear, this means you guys can use this conversion.. I scored another set yesterday and set them up for an Ebay auction. Everywhere I read here in the states guys are starting to use this setup but none of them relocate the retaining ring, they just press in the bearings and go.. BAD NEWS for them when the hub starts to walk on the bearing. If it doesn't lock up on them it sure as he!! will mess up their nice brakes. Thanks pallnet
  3. Thanks for the compliments fellas, I try to make what I want on my own cars. Greg: You have a few goodies I will be in the market for in the near future if you're willing to ship to the states. HHuumm, I will have to look into the sponsor thing. Thank pallnet
  4. I see, thanks for the info. I'm still feeling my way around this forum. I just jumped in here with both feet forward, I have some reading to do. Thanks again pallnet
  5. I think the Nissan President is the same as the Q45 here in the states. Maybe next time I'm in the salvage yard I will take a pic of the suspension they are removed from. This might help by comparing to what you guys have over there. I scored another set over the weekend so I will be converting them soon as I get some bearings. How to I get to post in the FOR SALE section here? I don't mind shipping to you guys, I've been doing it for years with my custom fuel rails. Thanks pallnet
  6. My first tech post!!!!!!! I've been Yarding for a while and I really get into finding parts that swap over from one car to another. Keep in mind that most car makers will not retool too often and they try to stick to what works instead of retooling. This means that a good bit of parts when machined by the factory, were machined to the same specs as other parts used for other cars in the same product line. Now that we're on the same page the info below will prove to be very useful if you have the J30 and/or Q45 platform in your area of the planet. I was messing with this a few months back when I found a write up online that helped me alot, the guy just happen to be right ahead of me on the conversion but he didn't relocate the bearing retaining clip. Without the clip the bearing WILL shift in serious hard turns and this can cause you to wreck. I'm posting pictures of all the most important parts of the conversion. The parts list: (2) Infinity J30 or later Q45 front hubs. You will know if you have the right ones because they look like S14 hubs and they are 5 lug. (2) S13 front hub bearings. New is best but I have been able to press out old ones without damage. (1 Hour) Time on a lathe. Most of you will have to take the hubs to a machine shop. they will have no problems because the work is EASY. Figure in some installation time if you have 5 lug rotors, if not then take your rotors to the machine shop with the hubs and get them redrilled. First you will want to remove the rear seals and ABS speed reluctors from the J30 hubs and then remove the rataining clips that hold the bearing in place. You will have to press out the old bearings. A press is needed. In this picture the J30 hubs have a S13 bearing pressed in the left hub, you can't see the stock retaining groove. *NOTE* The stock J30 hubs and bearings fit the S14 spindles and the offset is correct on the hubs for all known brake conversions but you have to use a washer spacer inbetween the stock lock washer and the bearing or the big nut will bottom out before securing the bearing. Keep in mind that in this configuration you can't run ABS or a rear hub seal. Now back to the S13. You have to take your hubs to the machine shop and have a new retaining ring groove cut in a new location so that the retaining ring will seat right with the S13 bearing in place. The S13 hub bearing has a taller outer race then the J30 bearing. Taller S13 bearing on the right. The center races have a 2mm differance so it does not affect the offset of the hub. At the sametime you have the hubs there at the machinest you might want to get your rotors redrilled if needed and have your hub bearings pressed in. I guess I'm lucky I have all the tools needed to complete all of this but most of you don't so you will have to pay a machinest a few bucks. J30/Q45 brakes can be fitted to the S13 as a direct bolt-up. In the pic you can see the rotors had been redrilled to fit 4 lug hubs. Snap the retaining rings into their new locations and you're almost there. The stock S13 bearing is sealed so no seal is needed. Original retaining ring groove. New retaining ring location right above the old one. Retaining ring test fitted. Swap the hub out for your stock 4lugger and fit your brakes and new wheels. The hub sits in the correct location for all brakes normaly used or crossed over to the S13. Hubs mounted to a set of stock spindles. All mounted up with perfect alignment. When you go to fit the new cap onto the hub to cover the bearing and big nut, you will notice the cap hits the tip of the spindle axle. Cut the tip off right above the threads with a grinder/cut-off wheel or even a hacksaw can be used. No need to change balljoints (roll centers), tie rod ends or spindles....... Cost for me was: Hubs were about $30.00US Bearings were $90.00US shipped Machining was $00.00 (I have a lathe and access to a press.) I said it was Cheap/Safe/Easy!!!! Thanks pallnet
  7. L28ET powered S13 coupe

    The motor came in 1970-1983 240Z-280ZX and 280ZXT here in the states. The motor was in displacements od 2.4-2.8 unless you stroked it then you can get 3.0-3.2 out of the 2.8s. Many of the younger generation of tuners here in the state shun this motor because of it's age but it's a very strong motor and lets face it, it's the daddy to the RB. I purposely didn't dress up the motor in any way because of the sleeper aspect. I have pictures of my last Z somewhere on another hardrive, now that was a ride. The engine has so nice with all the custom goodies and stainless braided this and that, it was almost sexual. When I drop the storker in this car later on it will get all the nice parts. I love the wider stance of the S13 over my old S30, I'm thinking this car will prove to be more fun. The stainless exhaust on the car is N1 with a pipe i made to join it to the turbo. Thanks pallnet
  8. L28ET powered S13 coupe

    The wheels are aftermarket and were on the car when I bought her, for get this, $500.00 US.. Otherwise that's how they come from the factory here in the states, we never got the Silvia front.. I did the motor swap, exhaust, LSD, Q45 front brakes, gauges, suspension and other goodies. What's waiting in the garage for the car ?: Z32 brakes (front and rear) Z32 wheels including TT rears that I will be painting the gunmetal grey to match the lower part of the car. 5 Lug conversion Big ST swaybars Poly bushings Sleepy eyes conversion of my own design with fully functional flip up headlight buckets. Turbo stroker SDS EFI and a bunch of stuff that slips my mind at the moment.. BTW: I ship custom parts to Aussie Land all the time so I don't mind shipping small used parts to you guys if there's something yall want and can't find. Thanks pallnet
  9. L28ET powered S13 coupe

    I'm not sure if this is the correct location to post my intro post but here goes. I'm old as dirt and live in the USA. I've been an Datsun S30 fan for the longest part of my life. I've built a very serious S30 turbo street car but then sold it because it was almost unstreetable. Now I have a 1990 240SX coupe (Silvia to you guys) it's 2 toned from the factory. I installed an L28ET straight 6 in the car for a few reasons. 1)I have enough spare parts to build a few more of these engines, they are reliable, powerful and parts are easy to find. 2)The KA24E engine that was in it had spun a bearing and was toast. 3)I have a 3.2ltr turbo stroker "L"motor just waiting it's turn to be installed so the stock L28ET is just warming the engine bay for it. 4)It was a conversion that was pretty much unheard of here in the states till now. I'm trying to post a few pics for you guys to see what I'm working on. Please bare in mind that this car is something I work on in my spare time when I'm not making custom fuel rails also the car is being put together to be a sleeper at the moment. I've been spending a lot of time and $$ just finding good clean replacement parts for the stuff that's worn out. More pics at http://album.hybridz.org/showgallery.php?c...amp;ppuser=8736 but I think you have to be a member. I have many new goodies for her but no time. All of my mods are very suttle to the eye at this time. I don't want her to be flashy in any way, I have to take her to the track this winter and spank a few locals then I will put the clean/tasteful/flashy goodies on her. Any and all comments are welcome. Thanks pallnet