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  1. SA RIDES: Your Ride - Post up a pic

    save up 3-5k then ask us again =)
  2. AC compressor

    can anyone recommend place for reconditioning at all? for my daily 85 AE82 tnx
  3. Heysen Tunnel hoons impounded

    If thats true, thats frigin hilarious! hahah LOL...
  4. Autosalon 2011

    lol @ haters thread
  5. All Japan Day 2011

    more pics cmon!!! looked gr8!

    polished work/ssr wheels?
  7. window tinting HELP

    michael drew got warranty etc on his films too?
  8. Interstate Regos

    Whats the rules with buying car from interstate and using their rego... Havta notify and get vehicle id inspection(regency) etc before 90 days is that correct?
  9. window tinting HELP

    think hes referring to a strip on the front window...
  10. Anyone good peeps around from recommendations? Need some work done asap.. pref tomorrow(FRI!) Thanks
  11. How much they charge to repair gutter rashes etc per wheel?? what abt restoring whole machined wheel(i.e face of the rim has lots of blemishes/scratches etc)
  12. Got some lowered springs that need to be fitted to a 370z... That doesnt cost $450-500... or is that the norm and im just stupid lol Any help would be gr8 Thanks
  13. Car Horns...

    Anyone supply/fit novelty ones etc in Adel? Thanks
  14. Car Transport

    Just need to get a Yaris from here to melb... who does a simple, no worry, no fuss, straight forward job without all the bells and whistles of a showcar transport service? (driving it up there is not an option at this stage) Thanks
  15. Car Transport

    lol... yaris is up in melb already... moving cars did a good job... thru ceva
  16. Auto Salon is back in 2010

    that is really sad... salon should be ashamed of themselves for even contemplating about this yrs stand!
  17. Car detailing / Cut and polish

    need some pics w/results!
  18. Interstate Regos

    OK UPDATE------- Only 14 days now!..... love what different people say over the phone!
  19. Interstate Regos

    OK heres the low down: 14days to transfer if within the same state 90days if from another state(anyleft over rego gotta claim from the state of purchase)
  20. Interstate Regos

    yeah im confused... is it 14days just to have the new owner details transferred? pay stamp duty same time aswell? what was the pt of the car having 6-12months rego on it still then.. if you can only have it for 14days back here in SA?
  21. Is it possible to borrow some trade plates of anyone? Is it even allowed or only used by the owner/business? need to get a car to regency for inspection etc etc How much are permits usually per day..
  22. Permit/Trade Plates

    ok that doesnt sound too bar then.. i'll give it a shot.. what if the car doesnt have no. plates yet(SA issued).. should it have plates and NSW rego if gettin complied etc there?
  23. Car detailing / Cut and polish

    only work for them or do your own work too?
  24. Car detailing / Cut and polish

    alright cool I'll give him a buzz.. cheers