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  1. Rust the new look in '09

    Leave the Rat look to cars of the 30's and 40's that want the nostalgic look, not new cars that looks horrible.
  2. top gear aus

    Yeh the show sucks, way to scripted and they can never be deceive about anything... Its always some half assed review saying the cars not good or bad I mean FFS make up your mind.
  3. petrol $18 a litre?!

  4. I finally got my car registered

    Holy shit, there's not a lot left there. Thank god no one was hurt.
  5. Carbon Manufacturers

    Agreed +1 for knowledge of carbon/fiberglass repairs
  6. vote 4 your fav snail! :P

    hmm yeh I wouldn't make a point of say that your turbo pwr. Although snail for the win is quite funny.
  7. Carbon Manufacturers

    Phone number is 03 9311 1501 address: Factory 3 at 5-7 Strezlecki ave Sunshine e-mail: pete@composites.com.au
  8. Carbon Manufacturers

    The name of that company is Applied Composites and my friend works there, they specialize is making carbon masts and bits and pieces for ocean racing yatchs. Ill get the phone number of the company and post it later today.
  9. Legal Victorian Mods

    ^^ They don't fold at all, since when does epoxy resin fold .... unless its not set.
  10. Ugliest 180 i have ever seen

    My God F%*en LOL .
  11. no bunky arse silver ceffy's here!

    Loving the nos purge before the run .... what distance do u recon that is?
  12. RB vs. SR

    Well why does he wanna do the engine swap? TBH I wouldn't be doing it, as it will throw the handling of the car way out due to the heavy nature of the rb's but if he wants big power easier then 6cyl will make it but handling will be compromised. Well that's my 2c
  13. laugh away people

    Hahaha what a n00b, maybe if it was the new GTR with work done, then still only a maybe.
  14. work vs-zx

    Oh, OK my spelling is not that great but that was not what I was asking for, Ha ha does any one know what the telephone number of work is?

    I mean really, this is ridiculous! as if people spend this amount of time trying to get other drivers off the road.