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  1. BBS rims 15x7+22 (5x114)

    Can't believe no one wants these? $350 is a steal!!!!
  2. BBS rims 15x7+22 (5x114)

    $400.... Need these gone
  3. BBS rims 15x7+22 (5x114)

    Bump and price drop..... $450
  4. BBS rims 15x7+22 (5x114)

    Hi guys, Selling these BBS rims. They are 15x7 +22 in 5x114.3 pattern $500 PM or Txt on: 0425814813 They are freshly powder coated in original silver/grey. They have a few marks on the outer lip which i have tried to dhow in the pics.
  5. S15 250Kw Turbo advice

    Get a Kando TD06 20g 8cm. Will make that power easy with pretty good response. I made 270rwkw on 18psi with full boost at 3800rpm. 2871 is too laggy with anything under 18psi IMO.
  6. It is amazing how insecure you can become when in a destructive relationship. When I was in high school had a chick that was all looks and not much else. We used to fight and breakup and get back together etc. this went on for friggin years. I couldn't get rid if her because I didn't think I would ever meet another girl. Best thing I ever did was make te decision to part ways. Chicks can be very very manipulative and turn you into something piss weak. 6 months after we broke up I met te best chick in the world.......been married for 10 years and happier now than when we first met. If a chick won't accept you for YOU then they aren't worth it. Of course there is some give and take, but don't ever let a girl manipulate you and turn you into something you don't like..... U will be miserable!!!
  7. Make : NISSAN 200SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 180 Price : $12,000 Condition : Used Hi all, I have made the decision to sell the S14. Dont know why considering all the cash i have recently thrown into it, but just feels like its the right time. I have had this car for 5 years and i am the second owner. It has been a weekend car for the last 2 years. Has 180K on the clock and runs like a dream. Car is serviced very regulalry with only quality Penrite Sin oils and genuine Nissan filters etc. I am a mature owner (34) and drive this car with care. I really cant believe i am selling this but the time has come. It was recently tuned by Trent at Status after the below list of mods were done and it made a very healthy and safe 265rwkw and 460mn on 18psi. Car is currently tuned on E85 See below for list of mods: Current list of mods are: Vertex side skirts Factory front bar with HiSpec lip Genuine Nismo rear bar (rare as i have never seen another S14 with one of these, which i love) Blitz front mount cooler and piping 3" turbo back exhaust with Magnaflow mid muffler and Magnaflow rear twin tip muffler, (car will be sold with std cat) Apexi Avcr ebc Tomei Poncams and BC springs and retainers. - (1000kms old) Kando TD06 20g 8cm turbo - (1000kms old) Walbro E85 416lph pump - (1000kms old) Deautschworks 1000cc injectors - (1000kms old) Z32 afm - (1000kms old) Forced Motorworks custom intake pipe - (1000kms old) All above work done by Donny at Forced Motorworx Jap spec Exedy stage 2 cushion button clutch - (1000kms old) CLutch installed by Neil at Primal Garage New VCT gear Nistune ecu BC Br coil overs Adj camber and toe arms Adj whiteline sway bars AME/Enkei Circlar Spec R rims 18x9.5 +15 front 18x10 +15 rear Full hi spec leather interior Bride Low Max recliner (Car will come with factory leather front drivers seat) 2up carbon roof spoiler Origin carbon boot lid spoiler R33 diff with 4.11 ratio All mods and tuning done by reputable workshops. Donny at Forced and Neil at Primal can vouch for this car. Has a full stereo system: Alpine Head unit with full Ipod connectivity etc. Focal front speakers and splits and Focal rear 6" speakers. Soundstream amps and Sub. Intereor is immaculate. No scrathes, tears or bubbles in the dash. New Genuine Nissan mats. Tinted Windows. Aero mirrors. Thoose people who know me and the car know that it is very very clean and very well looked after. Over the last 2 years it has been polished and cleaned more than it has been driven....and that is not an exageration. No more work needs to be done to this car. I am not in any real rush to sell it so low ballers dont bother. I am asking for $12K which i think is very very reasonable considering i have pretty much spent $5K on it in the alst 6 months. I have probably forgotten heaps of stuff so please feel free to ask any questions. I live in Eastern Subs Melbourne. Car will not be sold with a RWC and may be sold with full 12 months rego if the right buyer comes along. I wont sell this car to anyone as i would hate to see it go to the wrong person. If it doesnt sell on the forums (JDMST, MelbS15, SAU, NS.com) it will go on car sales. I can provide more pics etc. PM me or call whatever 0425814813
  8. Matt Chubb at Vivid Ink is very good and has won many awards for his portraits. Fair wait to see him though.
  9. Service question, oil change

    NA bro. I don't go through any oil at all. My SR has done 180k too.
  10. springvale rd police chase

    Just another reason why we get scoffed at when trying to create a clean image for the import scene.
  11. s14 oil pressure

    Its funny when nearly everyone gets an oil pressure guage they get all paranoid about readings etc..... Me included when i first put mine in.
  12. s14 oil pressure

    Mine is about the same. Nothing to stress about.
  13. ^^ has an obsession with chains.
  14. Not that far from the truth! I like a clean canvas to work with.