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  1. what exactly is this?

    Your car have an airbag? Make sure its not the sensor for that
  2. Good job man, always good to see something different. Did you run into many issues with the ecu swap?
  3. S14 workshop manual

    Just checked out that seller, is there only 2 pages in the auto section? Because the one i have has 814 pages and the one in the add says 816 for the s14
  4. S14 workshop manual

    If anybody has any insight to this, it was the black wire in the third connector down and it blew the cluster fuse Edit: Cheers sr20pulsar you put that up as i was writing this
  5. S14 workshop manual

    Yep, long story short, had the reverse lights working, touched some random wire from the same loom on the battery by accident, blew a fuse, replaced fuse, reverse lights don't work. Very annoying haha the stuff i've found in the manual that i think i need has just referred me to the auto section, that i don't have. I'll keep trawling through the wiring section and see if i can find anything anyway
  6. S14 workshop manual

    Haha just finished doing this, I need it to double check some wiring issues.
  7. Can anybody help me out, am looking for a copy of the s14 workshop manual/fsm with the part about the auto trans in it. I've already come across a few but they're all missing that part. Cheers
  8. R32 GTR Din Gauges In S13

    The reason i said test it with a multimeter first and compare it to the datasheet was because once you hook it up to test it, if you get an odd reading you'll know straight away weather its the gauge or sensor. I don't think heating it in water will affect it, aren't the tips of them usually in the oil stream anyway? If you don't want to mix the electricity and water, just hold it with a pair of pliers and heat it up before hooking it up to the gauge. It will only cool a few degrees. Or you could hook it all up and heat it with a hair drier or heat gun.
  9. R32 GTR Din Gauges In S13

    Do you have a multimeter? To test the sensor if its a single wire sensor, which I'm guessing it is, put one lead on the plug and the other on the thread of the sensor. Measure the resistance at room temperature and then in boiling water, resistance should go up or down, i cant remember at the moment. Do you know the part number of the sensor? If you can find a datasheet for it, it will give you resistance values at certain temps. To test the gauge you should just be able to hook it all up. This may or may not make sense, I'm half asleep at the moment
  10. R32 GTR Din Gauges In S13

    Tying all the grounds together should be fine. If it worked for that picture you posted, then no reason it shouldn't work for you.
  11. R32 GTR Din Gauges In S13

    From the best i can figure out, you've got this part right. If you can get hold of a plug it would look like this. Or you could attach the wires along those traces somewhere. Hope this helps
  12. Like sc s15 said, it was probably 6deg castor, if the shop put to much toe in on the front it would make it more prone to understeer
  13. Toe is measured in mm, and 6mm of toe in or out is excessive for a street car. Get a decent suspension shop to do an alignment.
  14. What that officer was talking about was the heirachy of defence. Brief example, someone comes at you with open hand you defend yourself with a closed hand, they try punch you, you hit them with a night stick or spray and so on. It doesn't really apply to everyday citizens but the cops are supposed to follow it.
  15. Don't know where you get your info from but its definitely not like that in wa Our exams had the option when you fill in the paper with the question " if you are aboriginal or torre straight islander : yes/no" This entitles you to exemptions and stuff. I knew a guy in uni who was aboriginal who got 40 in his UAI but was doing 65 UAI course. No late entry Its probably a different system to wa so it may be like that, I had to do a stat test to gain entry because I didn't finish school, being aboriginal didn't change any of my scores though. Tuition is exactly the same too. Anyway back on topic, I agree with equal rights. Beyond giving indigenous people things like native title rights, they should be treated the same. Favouring one culture over another only serves to alienate people from each other. As far as I see it, some of the systems in place are increasing the gap between indigenous and non indigenous people. Even though they are supposed to be closing it. There is a difference between respecting cultural rights and favouring people because of culture though.