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  1. kris's A31 Cefiro

    Ready for the next one? Release a date soon.
  2. Motorsport Build Subforum

    Awesome, divide ns into even more subdivisions! That will help with the site!
  3. New to SEVS: Crown sedan and wagon

    What sort of price are we looking at landed and complied?
  4. MAD MAY MATSURI---Wakefield Park

    Are you wasting time with the comp? From memory that took up most the day. We also packed up early due to lack of flow, if the issues are fixed we would love to come again.
  5. MAD MAY MATSURI---Wakefield Park

    Another question. Will you be wasting track time by allowing go karts to use the track too?
  6. MAD MAY MATSURI---Wakefield Park

    Will this be open track time on Saturday and Sunday? Or will it be the usual round of stadium drift comp that takes up the majority of Saturday? If there is no comp a large group of us from Vic will be down for the trip again.
  7. Genuine Origin Aero Parts, Lenses & Wheels

    any fc3s carbon bonnets? or just fiberglass?
  8. Wow was definetly keen for this until reading about the nsw picked for south circuit. 100% won't be road tripping up from Vic to drive the skid pan.
  9. It was intended, just like the door lines.
  10. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    Name and shame, that weld is terrible, looks to have been migged.
  11. I bought a set off them about 8months ago, cannot fault them, amazing grip. By far the best tyre I have driven on, regardless of their age.
  12. More like workshop loops
  13. kris's A31 Cefiro

    how many ls1 blow up compared to rb20's? then u build a LS1 and u build a rb20 whats gonna last longer n be more reliable? Doesnt matter how reliable they are, it's still a gay option.
  14. Yes they do! You need to remove the sleeve, Neil worked it out the other day. Has a small sleeve in the inside of the boss, just pop it out and it fits perfectly.