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  1. The Football Thread Continued

    All German Final, exciting! I think it is great for the Bundesliga. A great league to watch with some good players. Underated competition. It is better than Serie A but never gets anywhere near as much press.
  2. The Football Thread Continued

    Shit yeah Spurs, what a ripper, 3 goals in 7 minutes. To say I was loving life is a vast understatement hahaha
  3. The Football Thread Continued

    Nervous finish but we held on. Two great goals from Vertonghen and Bale
  4. ALL JAPAN DAY Adelaide March 10th

    What wheels are on that NB MX5? Looks schmick
  5. The Football Thread Continued

    too devastated to post
  6. The Football Thread Continued

    I had the same issue and missed the Spurs game Bayern are not the same side without Ribery in the XI. He is such a f**king gun
  7. The Football Thread Continued

    'What times your easyjet, What times your easyjet. What times your easyjet' Hope Aaron Lennon hamstring isn't too bad. I'm hoping he was just taken off as a precaution. One of the EPLs most underated players. I cant believe he isnt an England regular.
  8. The Football Thread Continued

    Gaz hahah Bale is a machine. I know you are just jealous that you dont have his talents at United. We are absolutely cutting them apart. Sigurdsson has been really good the last few weeks. Started the year poorly but now looks more comfortable at Spurs.
  9. The Football Thread Continued

    My workmate who is a big Man Utd was in a filthy mood when he arrive today, it was 3pm hahaha but the loss was still festering away
  10. The Football Thread Continued

    Just re-watched the sending off, absolutely ridiculous. Hard luck Gaz. But to be fair....Nani was already on a yellow card and whilst it may have been accidental, a challenge for a ball in the air like that, that results in studds in a players chest is likely to be a yellow. A second yellow would have seen him sent off anyway...
  11. The Football Thread Continued

    Hey, hey, hey Goodbye Bad luck Gaz and United, you really did get robbed by that referee. You cant play almost a whole half against a team like Madrid. Such an unnecessary send off.
  12. The Football Thread Continued

    Rat face! Slaps one in, great goal.
  13. The Football Thread Continued

    Cant wait to hear Fergie whinge about this one with an actual leg to stand on, the press conference will be a ripper.
  14. The Football Thread Continued

    Gaz speechless? haha
  15. The Football Thread Continued

    Own goal. A shocker too. What an error! Sending off, what happened?