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  1. 97' 180sx Type X RPF1 / SSR's + 3071R

    Well guys this certainly isn't the busy place that it once was, not sure if anyone will even see this.. I havent posted an update in a while, I have put less than 2,000 kms on the car in the last 2 years.. I just don't drive it anymore sadly.. still love it dearly just a lot of travel with work and girlfriend and I would never park it on the street so it means it just sleeps in the garage for weeks at a time.. I take it around the block just to keep it fresh. Despite this I'm still pouring the cash into it which defies logic but I love it.. here are the latest mods. Custom cluster with built in eBoost 2 and Haltech dash.. a very intelligent friend of mine put it together from a standard cluster, we retained all the factory lights but replaced them with LED lights. This is harder than you think, for instance the standard fuel warning light is a globe that works based on a voltage signal from the tank. Since the low fuel light is now an LED the resistance is much lower, therefore it was coming on when the tank was still full. In order to get around this we used a resistor to make it perform the same as the factory light. Same deal with the fuel gauge - obviously no factory gauge anymore so using some clever technology the fuel level now displayed in a % of 100 on the Haltech.. so a full tank is 100 and when you get down to a few litres in the tank it will show 0 (we calculated a bit of head room for safety).. also learned that the factory speed signal goes from the dash into the Haltech, so when removed the factory dash the speed stopped working on the Haltech. We got around this by making up a similar circuit to the factory speedo and with a few changes to the pulses and a bit of road testing using GPS we actually got it spot on. We decided to upgrade the boost control, went to the eBoost 2 and with a bit of messing about the response was improved so definitely was a worthwhile upgrade. We mounted the two buttons to cycle the screens under the demister switch so it feels factory. Finally replaced my 52mm Autometer gauges with STACK gauges which you can see a picture of... for those that don't know STACK, it's very popular in race cars, it's a premium product and not cheap. My thoughts with this car have always been to make it like the GT3RS of the 180sx. I'm not one for tacked on gauges with wires hanging about everywhere. Basically my thinking is, what would Nissan do with todays technology if they were releasing a hardcore 180sx... In other news I sold my 86 and gpt something a bit more practical - a new Mk 7 Highline TDI Golf and I absolutely love it and don't miss the 86 one bit. I've been getting back into classic cars lately, for anyone interested in them I have a deep love for BMW E30's that goes back years. I'm on the hunt for a nice and clean 325is to add to my collection. Anyway, hope you enjoy. If you want a custom dash made up, talk to Custom Clusters - he is based in Sydney but basically can post you a custom dash to suit your requirements.. couldnt be happier with how mine went. Email Bruce. swt180@outlook.com.au A quick video just after it went in - at this time the speedo calibration wasn't complete.
  2. 97' 180sx Type X RPF1 / SSR's + 3071R

    I've been travelling and had been focusing on some other stuff but I'm back. The 86 is now sold. I'm changing up the 180sx so my SSR's and my RPF1's are for sale. SSR.. spotless, unmarked: 18 x 9 + 16 front 18 x 9 + 11 rear With FEDERAL tyres.. $2,800. RPF1's.. barely used but one does have a mark on it: 17 x 9.5 + 18 front 17 x 10 + 18 rear Tyres would have done less then 3,000 kms.. $1,100. Plenty of pics in this build thread.. please PM me. Pickup Sydney.
  3. Saints Row IV Banned In Aus

    I wonder if there is any chance GTA5 will be refused classification?
  4. 180sx Type X circuit build

    hi there, looking forward to knowing more abotu this car. I saw you had some Porsche full slicks on RPF1's.. do you mind letting me know what size they are?
  5. 97' 180sx Type X RPF1 / SSR's + 3071R

    Haha yep! Actually do you own the s13 with rpf1s that's often near the Audi yard? And there is an r33 with Kai's.
  6. 97' 180sx Type X RPF1 / SSR's + 3071R

    Wheels fitted! Nothing crazy but it's fine for a daily.. Not quite low enough!
  7. 97' 180sx Type X RPF1 / SSR's + 3071R

    When it cools down ill be keen to run the 180 on semis, probs raise it up a bit and try pull a high 11 and I will be happy.. Would like to see your car go! Is that 264 still on e85 with the 740s?
  8. 97' 180sx Type X RPF1 / SSR's + 3071R

    So after a long wait my wheels have arrived for the 86.. kind of uncharted territory but I think they 'should' fit... they are custom 18x9.5+38 5x100 all round (5x100 18x9.5+38 are not on the RPF1 size chart), I read on another forum only 40 sets were made in 5x100 SBC finish however I am not sure if that is true.. I'm going to run 255/35's, not really going for stretch.. will post up pics when they are fitted later this week. Not too much progress on the 180sx, I have heaps of parts now that are not fitted.. hoping to get it done in the next few weeks.. And finally some cool 180sx Type X stuff! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5M4hfd_MHWo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqRLIPFFWTM
  9. Best GoKarting place in Sydney?

    Real go karts are 2 stroke.. You can hire them at Newcastle go karts go but it's special booking only.. They are nothing like the slow 4 stroke karts that put around everywhere else... Drive one, it will change your life.
  10. So after looking into it further I'm almost positive they are an older version of ame tracers tm02.. Sorry I said they were not, all the tm02 I have seen have a lip on the back of the spoke which is what threw me. This is them isn't it? http://www.skyline-owners-club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=43035
  11. Think they are ame tm02s on the cyber car which these are not.. But they might me ame tracers of some type... You can see in the pic that two are more concaved than the other two which makes me think they are a genuine wheel... Also check this,... http://honda-tech.com/showthread.php?t=3025586
  12. 180 Type S daily and New skid BOAT!

    Nah that's about right.
  13. Team s14 meet

    See you guys there. Silver type x.
  14. Are you blind? I posted the link to it 7 posts before you. Hence why Steve posted the repost image. Don't be a smart arse. I posted on the phone and couldn't see it.