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  1. WTB: S13 ignition and key

    hey mate I'm selling a pair of doors and complete steering column with full lock set for $130 if your interested not willing to seperate trying to get rid of heaps of stuff let me know mik
  2. s13 parts cleanup

    selling heaps of bits and pieces got floating around keen to get rid of them so open to offers or bulk buys. Text me on 0422628821 for photos thanks, mik 180x rear pods $40 silvia sr20det engine loom $160 180x ca18de auto engine loom $50 s13 handbrake with silver drift button $40 bm33 brake booster needs paint $20 s13 two tone champagne over gunmetal doors one with mirror and window other without but come with spare set of windows in ok condition and complete steering column so complete lock set with keys $130 2x 60mm gauge holders $15 each brand new whiteline r200 diff bushes model number w93047 $35 sr stock intake pipe $25 sr carbon canister with hoses $25 windscreen wipers,bonnet holder,plastic side window trim $20 s13 stock front swayer $15 1x sr20de rwd,1x sr20de fwd and heaps of bits to make a good motor $150 holset twin scroll turbo think is brand new not sure of model $500 pickup is in wandin 3139 can meet in lillydale,keen to sell these parts so don't be shy, mik
  3. Hi everyone have stock parts i want to get rid of, open to offers or a deal on the lot. 1 pair 180sx headlights $25 front and rear lcas $50 front swaybar with links $25 windscreen wipers $15 manual gearbox crossmember $15 tie rods $15 sr intake pipe $25 dash has cracks $25 carbon canister with all hoses $20 plastic bits and windscreen trim that sit at back of engine bay $20 brand new whiteline w93047 diff support bushes $40 2 x 60mm gauge holders $15 each Keen to get rid of these parts, pm me and I can send photos. mik
  4. gktech handbrake extenders

    thanks guys wasnt coming up for me, these things are a real bitch to install
  5. Hi I know there is a thread on gktech handbrake extenders but I can't find it, can anyone steer me in the right direction. thanks
  6. stock parts sale - $15

    Price : $15 Condition : Used silvia rear garnish,champagne-$15 sr20det intake pipe-$25 sr20de intake pipe-$15 sr clutch fan-$15 2x ac compressor-$20 near complete interior,includes seat belts,seats,door cards,everything just missing a few plastics-$70 sr20de afm-$15 gktech radiator overflow bottle-$20 petrol tank-$40 silvia washer bottle includes snout-$15 mudflaps-$20 All parts are in gc, all prices are negotiable. preffer local pickup from The Basin 3154 Can send photos on request,pm me or message me on 04226288221 Thanks mik
  7. painting underneath of car

    just wanna paint underneath matte black to clean it up, would sound deadner be heavy as its on my track car and im trying to make it light
  8. Hi everyone, wondering what kind of paint to use to paint the underneath of my track car? Is there a certain special kind of paint people are using. thanks for the help.
  9. clutch pedal reinforcement

    Do people also do this to the brake pedal in track cars?

    thanks heaps that helped alot have looked at your build thread before. would still like to see how people are doing it with trailer guards.

    thanks those photos were really helpful

    does anyone have photos of step by step how to do these tubs with trailer guards. That is the way ive decided to do it
  13. Jake DRIFTSQUID Jones to compete in D1GP!

    liked, good luck
  14. running engine looms inside engine bay?

    thanks for the quick response guys, trent hows things, I was looking at it today thinking about doing it this way and locky I thought I might have to extend the wires. I will try it tommorow and see how I go, thanks for the advice boys. mik
  15. Hey guys, I am wondering about runnung the engine looms that run on the inside of the wheel arch, on the inside of the engine bay to avoid the wheels rubbing through them. Who has done this and how did you go go about it? Photos would be a great help. Thanks Mik