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  1. avoiding defect

    ^^^ that was my other plan depending on ppl's experiences, just a nice fibreglass(maybe carbon) piece that covers 99% of the engine bay and saftey torx bits or something that you will need specialised tools for to undo as my choice of fastner
  2. Hi this may be a stupid idea but it crossed my mind the other day at work and was just wondering ppls views and experiences. If i re-mounted my proper bonnet opener latch to a more hidden spot and just mounted a dummy one in it's place, if i ever got pulled up and got told to open the bonnet and i say i cant because it's broken(and let the cop try but it wont work), what would happen? like it's not my fault the latchy thing broke, it's on the to-do fix list would i just get wheels and exhaust cheked? or would i be stirring up trouble and end up in more s&^t?
  3. Pixars' Fast & Furious

    lol awesome
  4. World Time Attack 2011 Anounced

    Can't wait to go back to the track was fun last year and this year looks like it's gonna be awesome
  5. Wheel Weights

    is there any way to put that pdf in APHABETICAL order not just random, lol i cbf lookin through 56 pages i just wanna know what my BNR34GTR's weigh good find though, very usefull bit of info
  6. cooling system issues

    do you still have the rad shroud on? systems been bleed properly? so sitting still and idleing or driving in traffic it's normal and ok?
  7. ^ +1 will give you a good results for a street car with mild track use
  8. i was always into cars as a kid as my dad is a car nut (lol and so is my brother it runs in our family), and as soon as i first saw the 180's and 200's back in 98/99 when they were fresh imports i fell in love with the shape then when i was 13 i sat in my first s14(like in 2000) and loved it, ever since then thats all i really wanted but due to p-plate laws and money i had a commodore as my 1st car till i was on my opens, by then i'd saved enough for an s14, then after around 6months of searching for 'the one' i finally found it And it lives up to it's rep lol, shitted all over my commy in every aspect a car can, i love my 200. the only other cars i was tempted by were aerotop supra's (but try and get one in manual for under 25,000 lol), and series 7 rx7, but because i'd had have no help if anything happend to a rotary where i used to lived as no one knows about them, i wasn't 100% on buying one.
  9. What do you call an Aussie....

    ^^^ hahha lol, these baby jokes are awesome
  10. "this problem is still occuring i have also notice it only does it when the cars warm could it possibly be the brakes?" Do the brakes feel differant to how they used to? Have you changed anything to do with brakes?
  11. ^^ Save yourself some money(like $20) and buy the 3A from drdrift, i did and would reccomend them - http://www.drdrift.com.au/onlineshop/index.php?manufacturers_id=16&osCsid=3e1vfbngiuf6npgbtfhiooc1g2
  12. Midget Sex

    hahah lol, that is good
  13. s15 Service

    Just from experiences i've had, save yourself oil leaks and buy another oil filter apart from ryco, they always leak after a few months i use the drift filters from autobarn on my s14 and gf's 350 no problems ever (part- D1MF445)
  14. hypergear turbo arrived !

    Another thing i've seen done for a new turbo, is to pour a little bit of oil that u'll be running straight into the oil feed and spin the blades with ur fingers at the same time to make sure it's all lubed before installing any lines to it. Just another idea to concider
  15. does my car have a rev limiter

    That depends on your driving style/habbits, are you going to be racing/drifting and actually need to have limiter to sit on? If your just going to have a bit of fun here and there (as long as you have an exhaust) you should be able to tell what your engine is doing But yes over-revving an engine is very bad, your engine wont live long if you do that