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  1. Check the wiring on the igniter I had the same thing happen to me the wiring on the igniter had melted the insulation and fused two wires together
  2. Who runs gt2871r without cams

    220 rwkw at 16 pounds Standard internals Nismo 555cc injectors Z32 afm Power fc Then yeah usual for me too fmic, exhaust
  3. Taarks Billet Range!

    hey how much postage on the s13 water pump to 6713
  4. turbo help

    hey i was wondering if anyone can help me i recently purchased a hks gtss brand new from a mate for a price i couldnt knock back. problem is its actually for a rb26 so the damn thing wont fit i rang gcg turbo and they can change my front housing and actuator to fit an sr20 for $490 but the other problem is the dump pipes are different would i be better off just trying to sell it and getting a sr gtss or is there any companys that would do a straight swap
  5. r33 vs s13

    hey im having an argument with a chick i now she owns a r33 gtst with a stock turbo running at 9psi and i have an s13 with sr20 t28bb running at 14psi she says she wont race me coz she knows she will kill me but i highly doubt it how would my s13 fair up
  6. hey man you dont happen to have the indicator/light switch stalk at all for a s13 silvia