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  1. BLG_S13.5 - Smarter Than Your Average Bear

    Cheers dude !! yep i was thinking the same thing when i was looking at it today would blend in way nicer that way
  2. It's been a while since i posted on here.... so why not a better time than to document my new toy/build/stupid idea etc etc some may recognise this car.. some may not any how here are some specs of the Body Bayside Blue with Azureus Blue Pearl and Black roof S15 Front End Conversion S13.5 30mm Wide body Conversion Front Guards S13 50mm Wide body Over Fenders Vertex Body Kit Vented S15 Hood Origin GT1 Side Mirrors Origin Smoked s13 Rear Lights Origin Carbon Fibre Rear Window Lip CA18DET Boot Lock Badge Flush Mount Bonnet Pins Walker Chassis Full Weld In Cams Approved Roll Cage Suspension HSD HR Coilovers GTR Rear Sway Bar with solid mounts HICAS Lock Bar GTR Rear Cradle Off-set Alloy Cradle Bushes Project D Adjustable Rear Camber Arms Project D Front Castor Arms Braking R32 GTST Front Calipers R32 GTST Rear Calipers DBA T3 Slotted Front Rotors Bendix Ultimate Brake Pads All Round Wheel's Riverside Stitch Mesh 17x10 Fronts Work CR Kai 18x10 One of the first things i did once i got the shell home was to paint the horrid camo on the lower section of the dash Next up was to remove the driveline from my old silvia During the process i decided to strip everything off the motor and give it a clean up as my OCD decided to kick in mildly Next was to fit everything back to the motor And give the engine bay a quick spray.. an den... previous to this my good mate and i decided the loom needed a freshen up so we took to stripping all the conduit off and cleaning everything and even modifying a few things here and there such as the Fuel Injector Loom Also wired up the battery cable to go into the cabin Taking on something like this became overwhelming but luckily the fridge is stocked with beer and the boys are always nearby to help out :humpleg: haha it was finally taking shape !!! Right now that's as much that i can do on the car due to a back injury... but very soon she will be blazing tyres around Mallala !!!!
  3. BESTLITTLEGARAGE PS13 ~~~[Vids Up!]

    #threadrevival not too much has been happening apart from streeting the silvia and taking it to the occasional drift day after the gt2860rs blew i opted for a cheap t28bb for the sake of driveablity and reliability and its been on point for the past 12 months!! unfortunetly my gearbox didnt play fair and decided to pop 3rd on the 3rd lap of the day yesterday, coincidence? heres a couple pics and a video from the day more to come soon, too slack today
  4. BESTLITTLEGARAGE PS13 ~~~[Vids Up!]

    cheers man !! appreciate it
  5. pretty f**kin happy with how ive made it look in the last two weeks just gotta drive harder !!! next time we do some proper tandems man yeah its a bit f**ked swinging spanners in the winter time, even more so if you slip and hit something haha dont blame ya .. yeah man ill inbox you some now !!
  6. haha all good man no rush! my cars on jack stands now lol
  7. BESTLITTLEGARAGE PS13 ~~~[Vids Up!]

    bit of a drift prac wrap up car felt like crap and my driving was pretty average but managed to get a few laps in before the turbo decided to blow also made a mess of the rear guard but ah well photo by luke cocker photo by luke cocker photo by luke cocker photo by luke cocker and thats the end of the 2860rs all in all was an alright night met a few new faces did a couple of tandems but couldnt keep up as the car was under powered and 3rd gear is on the way out now woke up this morning with the ambition to get this car ready to get back on track asap so removed the turbo and manifold and well, yep its proper f**ked
  8. i appologise for its homosexual appearance but its better than nothing haha
  9. tandem, follow etc fk the rain !!
  10. BESTLITTLEGARAGE PS13 ~~~[Vids Up!]

    just a quick update got some spare lights off pickering so hot!
  11. so keen to bump uglies on saturday
  12. BESTLITTLEGARAGE PS13 ~~~[Vids Up!]

    hahaha i remember seeing it at dermodys and wondering wtf was looking at me sweet as ! ill look out for you in the pits
  13. BESTLITTLEGARAGE PS13 ~~~[Vids Up!]

    yeah killer !! ill come find ya and say gday your's is the two tone that had the head on the parcel shelf right? hahaha yissss for sure ! ! ! group hugs all round :humpleg:
  14. BESTLITTLEGARAGE PS13 ~~~[Vids Up!]

    tandem maybeeeee?