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  1. Think before running from police

    Theyre not all bad, there were about 20 of them kindly directing traffic on king st today... when traffic lights and everything were all working fine too i remember that! that was a training day for new officers LOL
  2. Hey MAD can u get the instant gentlemans kit for s13??
  3. Just like here http://www.epracing.co.uk/Aero-Kit/Nissan/200SX/S13/c-1-69-78-82-86/ The 1st one
  4. Hey mate I'm after BN rear 180sx bar can u get those?
  5. Excessive defect fines?

    ^^ I think so far I've had about 2400 in fines one of my friends got a defect on a car that was just registered, still within the 28 days of the rwc and they got her for speakers loose in parcel shelf and amp power cable going thru firewall without a gromet, she had to get another rwc
  6. as title states im after a filler panel, must be type x style thanks adam 0401158014
  7. hi guys i really need a sunroof glass for a 180sx! would also be great if u got the brackets to hold it on the car too! thanks call me on 0401158014 adam
  8. as title states, only a pair. wanting a pair of 17x 9 or 17x9.5
  9. josh i got 25mm if u want
  10. Looking for car under $5k

    my mates selling a ke70 with a 4age if you interested 0401 000 083 his names chris
  11. Hey guys I'm after a 180 shell that has most panels n lights n interior bits, I need to chuck all my s14 gear into it so I guess all the front bit k frame n shit will fit dunno about rear breaks n shit would but like my seats n shiy will go in all engine components n box will go on, i have a damaged s14 s 2 if anyone needs some parts that I won't need for the 180 which will be up for sale or swaps for 180 shit, eg: my s14 FMIC kit for ur 180 FMIC kit but plz call or sms me on 0401158014 about the shell! Cheers
  12. m yenh had the car tied down back and front with two truck ropes with the tension thing I duno what there called, plus the 14 wasn't over the weght load of the trailer also the camry was heavier with all the car parts jacks tired n wheels n people n shit it in it was heavy enough to pull a trailer
  13. Ye trailer tyre popped on the way home spun outa control n went threw a he'll lot of trees, lucky nothing too major, me n all passengers were ok, just one had a bit of back pains but she's ok now, my towing cars a write off, the trailer is completely fukd and my s14, well let's just say the motors still good front rad support, rails, chassi skirts, door pillar and roof, rear quater n petrol tank n rear arch pillar thingy n boot too: all that's onthe driver side, passenger has all botto rails under the door fukd from going sideways off the trailer, the trailer winch broke and the car went sideways off a very nice copper came down n helped along with two guys that stopped, the officer realised that the tyres wer bald on the inside and that they wer outa date, trailer was very unroadwoethy so I might have something to go on with the trailer company, hopefully... Apart from that winton was the best fun ever!!!!!! Also who wants to donate me a 180 rolling shell? Lol doesn't have to have the break setup or front struts coz I'll use all my s14 shit, after the accident I was still able to drive the s14 in a straight line and everything, no problems with the drive train and suspenion I'm going to chuck my engine box, ecu n loom n breaks n coilovers in a 180 so if anyone has one please pm me!!!
  14. S14 rear wide body dmax guards

    Yeah guards are being dropped off to tets on Saturday
  15. S14 rear wide body dmax guards

    I'll take some on the weekend for ya