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  1. S15 Stolen

    i hope you find it mate good luck!!
  2. 180sx vs s15

    i had 180sx and now have s15 pretty much same thing... except the s15 is better looking and newer car...
  3. S15 Spec R Prices

    i got mine frm japan with 32ks(now it has 80k) on it never had problem with it not even one... it really depends on your luck if you go for spec r... price should be between 19 to 21 depends on the car it self... anything less its a danga
  4. need stock 200 sx wheels

    i got some stock wheels off my 200sx pm if u want pics.
  5. what is it worth?

    8 and up. even some my mate sold his one for 6k...
  6. reconditioning gearbox

    i did my s15 reco costed me aroudn 2500.... get a second hand or something aint worth it..
  7. What Color?

    go for purple its heavy.
  8. just put em for sale get some cash any cash is good cash
  9. Got defected =(

    hehe that is just simply standard thing u want those mods once u get caught u will cop it... i have been sent epa twice so far i learnt my lesson the second time when they ripped me sideways !!!
  10. car transportation

    try freight partners pretty sure they have good rates.
  11. decisions

    s15 best car nice and simple or s14 with few mods for that price...
  12. Dyno Read Out..

    with a stupid happy dyno! what do you mean?
  13. try famous insurance.
  14. Dyno Read Out..

    umm mine did 140 stock .(jap spec). With 15psi you should be able to get around 190kw