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  1. hey guys need help having massive trouble re installing my stub axles after shimming a s14 centre and installing it in my s13 housing, my problem is cant remember which side the long one went in and which the short. if i put the long one in from the gear(main ring gear) end they both go in. BUT from memory the long one entered from the other side. if i place the short one in the gear side it wont enter all the way. so i need to know which stub goes in which side of the diff. or is the way i have it correct and i need a press to install btw using 5 bolt s13 stubs
  2. s14a dori project .....Sil80 reshelling

    i have a straight 180 shell, comes with free rest of a stock 180sx
  3. Vitamin C Sil Eighty

    yeh man i was. just moved away anywa this things for sale, 9000 as is with wheels and all pm me
  4. Does anyone know what this is?

    looks like a PV cell (solar cell) of some sort probably for a phone^^ or some other circuit
  5. Tradies check in

    oliver AT's , very good qual, i had one pair last me 3 years well worth the extra hunge
  6. Vitamin C Sil Eighty

    getting new z32 and a retune, next week hopefully, also provly gonna get a stainless 3" inlet pipe made up, will get better pics soon
  7. Vitamin C Sil Eighty

    yeh only prob with spacers is that the p1s have a flat backing plate, ie i can only run 5mm or 25mms so ill just live with it for now, ps, now running a frankenstein garret turbo, grex oil cooler kit, braided lines, alloy intake, and some other stuff im sure, will update soon car is in limp mode atm as it still needs to be tuned
  8. Nissan Recomended Oil?

    look above this thread theres a bar with fluid choices and a picture of some oil, look there, or search, theres also one that says tech manuals
  9. s13 altenators

    sounds more like u have bad grounds on the system, have u measured how much the voltage drop by when they kick in,, if ur running one of those girly little batteries due to intercooler piping thats probably more of a problem, bigger/newer battery will probably do u more good than the alternator check your battery voltage under loads, and tong your thermo supply cables if u have acess to 1
  10. what's some of the more unusual stuff you're into?

    that puscifer is interesting, i had theyre last album mainly cos of maynard, but thats very different for them, dont know how popular they are but check out porcupine tree for some unclassifiable music
  11. sr rear brake problem

    thanks mate yeh i just though of that after posting lol, i was my wits end. yeh got the pads back in, but i still think the piston seals are fkucked
  12. hey guys my girlfriend asked me to looker at her 180 as the rear drivers side wheel was making a noise, after jacking both sides of the car i found the wheel to be hard to turn, wanting to elminate the brakes before diff i pulled the caliper of and the problem went away, but the brake apeared to be half on, and very difficult to pull of so now i cant get the pads back around the rotor, ive opened the bleed valves, (and taken the caliper right of)and i cant get the clearance to get both pads in, i cant move the cylinder what soever now i have some spare s15 rear brakes that i bought with my 5 stud gear, so thought ild just those those on, only to find that the hand brake cables are different,, now my questions has anyone had similar probelms.? do u think the cylinder is seized? what is the best way to fix if so? yeh really need help as her car now has no brakes so i cant even throw in the towel and go to a mechanic
  13. s13/180sx front suspension

    got some stockies, u can have for a song. beer, etc
  14. Need help with 180sx

    5 years outside would cause alot of corrosion on ur electrics, check ur plugs and leads for green buildup (copper oxide) go over afm and most connections with a contact cleaner, oh have you flushed the tank and put new fuel in?? theres probably alot of detergents and gunk in the fuel system
  15. Brake Master Cylinder woes

    get one from nissan i think $240 ish, (someone correct me if im wrong) then thats one less thing to worry about, shouldn't be that huge of a job, could probably do it after work, replace then bleed system,oh and the light on the dash can mean low break fluid, or ur handbrake limit switch is stuffed, considering u have a leaking master cylinder the former is most likely