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  1. Nissan Silvia S15 RB26.... Version 2

    Good to see you were alright after the crash. What a slut though... I would've flipped out. White s15 with an RB26? That's my dream lol! How are the brakes holding up with all that extra weight?
  2. Full boost at 4500 isn't really an issue. I imagine the power would be insane at those revs anyway. Just drop it down to the right gear and there will be zero lag
  3. La Ferrari

    Looks amazing. I feel like the vents are cannons are or something though. If I were to ever drive it (yeah right...) I would feel like the car is always about to shoot me lol
  4. Oh didn't see it on the mods list. Great bulild though. How long have you been building it for?
  5. sandown 75db noise restriction

    ^ With every 3dB the intensity is doubled
  6. Any plans to upgrade the gearbox?
  7. My GTR Midnight Purple Type X

    SOLD a few weeks ago! May she get the love and attention I couldn't keep giving her
  8. Hey guys I stumbled upon www.turbojunky.com and was interested in buying some t-shirts. However, after doing some research they appeared to be involved in some sort of scam. Just google "turbo junky scam" and you'll see what I mean. So just beware guys. Apparently some t-shirts have found their way to the purchasers though. I'd like to hear peoples' experiences with these guys (good or bad). Thanks
  9. Haha I'm a turk and I have these glasses somewhere in the house...
  10. Price : $100 Condition : Used ~~~For sale~~~ - Full s15 dash conversion (excellent condition!) - $700 firm - s15 ADM cluster (260km/h) - $200 firm - S15 door trims (ok condition) - $100 firm - R32 GTR fuel pump --- $50 firm I can post the items. I'll deliver the s15 dash if need be. Take all the items for $950! To contact me please email toe@deakin.edu.au. Items are located in Geelong. P.S: garnish has been sold
  11. Gym wankers

    ^ At least she is keeping active. Jumping around and what not is probably not a good idea though.. The other week i was finishing my chest portion of my routine on the pec deck when one of the younger PT's at my gym asked if he could hop on. No problems i replied. I had just finished my second last set on a decent weight. Now he just rocked up, i could tell because the pec deck is pretty close to the entrance of the gym. He takes a glance of the weight i had set it on and decides he can do the same weight, no warm up at all. Now im not suggesting that im huge or anything, im probably sitting at around 14-16% at 94kg (hydrated) at 178cm, but this kid is probably 65kg at 10% and a bit shorter and he thinks he can do the same weight? He got out a lousy 2.5 reps and called it a set. Wtf? Am i missing something? This is a person who is 'qualified' to help other people reach their goals safely. The phaggot didnt even warm up and goes all out in a less than ideal rep range that would not produce any results for anyone (anyone looking ot build muscle that is). My god, what has the fitness community come to. What tops it off is as im leaving i over hear him talk about wanting to take juice when he isnt even 18. Far out, i felt like shooting him in the head right then and there.
  12. Happiness.

    Of course there are pros and cons for both sides, but IMO if you have a busy life being in a relationship is sometimes just something that can get in your way and hold you back. Having been in and out for relationships over ~5 years i can truly say not being in a relationship is much better for me. Do any of you guys go to uni, work and play sport or go to the gym? Try fitting in time with your mates let alone having a gf while trying to do all that. Its not really possible without negatively affecting one of them. And *swearing filters own me* me dont get me started on how bad having a gf is when trying to make gains at the gym. In the 3 month period after breaking up with an ex i put on 8kg. During the that relationship for ~1.5 years i did not gain ANY weight. Lol and yes some of it was fat but you get the picture. But one for having a gf...has anyone noticed that you get a lot more attention from other girls while your in a relationship? Not cool.
  13. TITLE Boxing - Dodgey?

    asleep: The original order consisted of 2 pairs of shoes. I assume they would be 2-3kg each with packaging. The revised order was 3 pairs of shoes in a similar style. Keep in mind these are very light weight shoes so i dont think the weight would be too much. Either way im convinced that im not going to give them my i.d and what not, il just keep searching until i find another site who stocks the shoes at a reasonable price I have ordered shoes from pickyourshoes.com before and they are also in the U.S. Their shipping was much lower and they didnt ask me for my identity