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  1. catch can sold.
  2. Hi, Following items for sale - pickup up available in Wollongong, NSW 2500: Tube baffled, AN-10 fittings with breather (not supplied) with drain. Has been powder coated grey. Been fitted, however not used. Bolts to passenger strut tower so cannot be used with ABS models. Can be used to breathe to atmosphere or recirculating Not negotiable, but will ship. Only selling as I have changed setup. Can come with braided lines and fittings if you want for another $60 - currently setup with -10 off rocker cover where T piece is on factory S13 SR20DET rocker cover and deleted PCV setup (-10AN) in place to catch, pic for reference. $220 + postage 13020-8H610 SR20VET Exhaust Camshaft. Brand new OEM, Nissan have now discontinued. This is in the box, still wrapped and unused. Good for SR20VET conversions and to use with P11 heads. Selling as I have gone for a bigger camshaft and surplus to my needs Not negotiable, but will ship $750 + postage Please PM and I will get back to you if you are interested. Cheers.
  3. Valve Float

    kelford - http://www.camshaftshop.com/products.php?productid=793
  4. SR20VET powered s15 - SR22VET time

  5. SR20VET powered s15 - SR22VET time

    bummer, no good. I opted the JHH girdle with their studs to suit and insert washers, better clearance from what I seen side by side.
  6. ECU choice

    I have had issues with crank triggers with PS1000 ECU's and Haltech have replaced the ECU's as they found faults. In saying that - as of recent been using the Link/Vipec ECU's over the Haltech and have had a great run with them... I find it to be a much better ECU overall. You can still use a Haltech dash or RacePak with the Link/Vipec ECU's as well. Just my $0.02c
  7. ORC clutch English manual

  8. r35 afm with Powerfc!

    ^ yes, its close enough -- then you can remap the airflow - only takes bout 1hr. also the values on nistune have additional numbers which need to adjusted to suit the power fc.
  9. r35 afm with Powerfc!

    just convert nistunes one to power fc - it's pretty straight forward.
  10. sr20 cast / ebay sumps

    Where did you get it for $350? Every local Moroso pan I've seen was $400+, same as Tomei. Rocket Industries, if you go via Real Street or OSTAR motorsports, you should see it for around $270 USD Clears swaybar for miles. What swaybar u run, couldn't push a price of paper between that and my Hardrace one Whiteline 27mm front.
  11. sr20 cast / ebay sumps

    Clears swaybar for miles.
  12. sr20 cast / ebay sumps

    Prefer the moroso sumps, there about $350~ish