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  1. who"s this fitness babe

    hopefully not a polly waffle...... she looks nowhere like that now. I think her most recent movie was hall pass?
  2. OLY weight plates FOR SALE

    what brand of weights? rubber coated edging?
  3. Looking at beginning steroids

    taking steriods lets you work less and eat less? WTF??????? please reread what you posted and maybe edit it???
  4. Post your height & weight

    lol its gone from height/weight posts to how much can you lift/lie......lol I'll join in! 170cm 80-82kg. I should be around 77 since i still play bball but oh well. Cant see my abs so obviously carrying a bit of fat.
  5. Lower back hurst after squats

    Prob need to have someone video your form. Most likely your bending over too much as your coming up. Maybe change up to front squats. They work your legs but also your core as well.
  6. Possible injury

    Thats impressive that you were able to deadlift 160 after suffering that injury. First time i did it, wasnt any pain as such, just didnt feel quite right. Did SL deadies a day later and bam thats when it really kicked in. Was laid up for about a day and a bit. Only time there wasnt any pain was when lying down. Slowly cleared up. Gave it a rest for a month, tried deadlifts again and pain came back. Been giving it a rest ever since. I did see an Osteo but that was only for 2 visits...quite exxy. Like yourself im right side dominant, osteo said im loading up the right side too much . Even going for a massages have been told that my right side is significantly bigger then the left. I guess the lesson in that is keeping a strength balance. Will def have to start doing more single arm dumbbell stuff as over the last 18 or so month its been 95% barbell work eg millitary press, squats, deadlifts and bench press. Did you guys keep deadlifting whilst on painkillers/anti inflam or did you wait for the it to die down and then start up again?
  7. Possible injury

    i suffered somewhat a similar injury. Doing 140kg deadlifts after a 12 hour shift at work...so form was crap. Something went pop and it hasnt been right ever since. Still get soreness down the lower right hand side and sometimes through the leg. That was 3 months ago...only just started deadlifting again at 80.....back went again so im going to give it a rest until next year and just do chins until the cows come home. Pretty frustrating really.
  8. 100kg challenge

    Is this a one off thing? or are you going to incorporate it into some kinda cycle just to see what happens?

    If it falls through liam, i might be interested in the weight tree too.
  10. The biker nod

    I always nod to almost all bike riders. Have found out its not worth nodding to : Harley riders cruiser riders dirt bike riders scooters
  11. Crashed :(

    This is probably the main reason why i want to get back into a car. Im the sole income earner at the moment and sure i have insurance to cover my ass if something goes wrong but theres nothing out there that will heal you up and make you as good as you were before the crash. Nothing like a ton or 2 of metal around you to protect your ass.
  12. NEED HELP! s15 PFC

    It prob does need a new tune after installing a new exhaust. Its running a bit rich from the sounds of it.
  13. Brisbane Training Night

    sounds alright, i live in the next suburb nearly, morningside.
  14. Brisbane Training Night

    Southside one sounds alright. Have many people turning up at the moment?
  15. Intro

    hmmmm y else would he take the trouble to post and discuss his training and pictures? Never underestimate the power of the need to be validated by other people.