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  1. 1999 Nissan Silvia - $22,500

    Make : NISSAN SILVIA Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 108000 Price : $22,500 Condition : New For sale - 99 Nissan Silvia S15 jap spec108,000km (serviced every 5,000 with royal purple oil and quality products)Engine - Apexi Power FC GReddy FMICApexi intakeSplitfire coilpacksSaber alloy radiator3" dumpCustom exhaust > twin tipsSuspension - BC coil oversStrut brace Engine dampener Adjustable castor rodsAdjustable rear camberAdjustable rear tractionAdjustable rear toeDrive line -Nismo 2 way diffExedy heavy duty clutch (lots of bite)Interior -Pioneer DVD deck with ipod connectivity Upgraded speakers (unknown brand)Nismo black gear knobPower FC hand controller Exterior - Work xd9sFull vertex kit (small crack on front bar never bothered me)Window weather shieldsRoof wing Slim boot wing Tinted windows all aroundSmoked rear lightsSmoked side indicators There is plenty of things I would have missed. Only selling because its time for a family car and a bit of money towards my new house would help. Car has never skipped a beat or left me on the side of the road during my ownership. It gets looks everywhere it goes. Drives great, 600+km per tank during a recent drive down to Sydney and back. Makes around 200rwkw which is plenty for anything I wanted to do. Best bet is to come and check it out for yourself. Live and work in Enoggera area and am available most days. I am negotiable on the price and open to trades + cash my way for Honda Accord Euro or similar.
  2. Speedinc training log

    Chest day today. I have some problems with my rotator cuff at the moment. And have just started to get some terrible elbow pains, so I couldn't go as heavy as I would have liked. Incline dumbels 10 x 27.5kg 10 x 30kg 10 x 32.5kg Flat dumbel 20 x bar - warm up 10 x 30kg 10 x 32.5kg 8 x 32.5kg Chest fly machine Did 4 sets on a good weight. Not sure what it was but felt good. Decline cable press 4 sets on good weight , unsure what it was. I usually do biceps on chest day, but my elbows were killing me so I did a heavy calf work out then did lots of core/abs/lower back workouts. Shoulder + traps tomorrow
  3. Speedinc training log

    hi all, Thought id make a training log on here to keep track of what I'm doing and hopefully get some advise from everyone. I started training early December last year. Started out in November running every morning, but didn't start weight training until December. Just started out in a mates home gym, then moved to a real gym and got myself a training partner. Unfortunately my training partner has left to become a cop, so im training by myself. Thats why I started this, to make sure Im not slacking off lol. Not sure what needs to be said here, so I'll just write what I did today. SQ 12 x bar 8 x 60kg 6 x 80kg 6 x 100 kg 4 x 100kg Calf raises 4 x 12 40kg Leg press seated (sitting straight up with foot plate in front, connected to cable. I do leg presses on this and then use it to calf raise in between each calf set) 4 x 12 - 139kg Sumo Dead Lifts 10 x 80kg 8 x 100kg 8 x 100kg 4 x 120kg 2 x 140kg Then lots of wood choppers and core work out. Tomorrow is chest day. Will update again.
  4. ill be there with Kyle's bells.
  5. MMA chat

    Got box seats for UFC again through work. woot woot. free alco, food, comfy seats and tickets!
  6. S14a , 1JZ vvti **280 rwkw**

    dont know about vic, but in sydney, widebody cannot be engineered.
  7. New scam attempt

    Scammer : Your windows OS has viruses on it, I am here to help you fix it. You : You sound like a trust worthee guy, helping me out for no reason. I must reveal a secret to you before we attempt to fix my computer. I am a prince from nigeria, the government is after me, and I must leave the country, but first I need someone in australia to take care of my $40 million. Can you please help?
  8. why cant you get the sides on? should only take 10-20minutes to chuck them on. I will be there at like 5pm-6pm tomorrow night. Im coming with S14 wRB25, and a 350kw+ RX3.
  9. Need to borrow wastegate

    i got one you can take for a case of beer, im in sydney but.
  10. loz, skylines allowed? i will wash my car for this.
  11. Project "Baller" - The quest to break 1000hp..

    damn, sorry to hear mate. everything happens for a reason, so hopefully this all works out for the best. Will be all worth it when the car is finished, and you can take your frustration out with a nice hard drive
  12. Qantas plane

    Scratch that, All maintenance work is done here in Australia. They have teams overseas who are supposed to inspect the plane before it leaves. So im guessing the Singapore team missed something before it left that day Engines are built by Rolls Royce, so blame the Americans
  13. Qantas plane

    My brother works as a Aircraft Engineer for Qantas @ Syd Airport. But they also outsource the work over seas.
  14. New to photography

    Nikon D90 great camera and price isnt to steep.
  15. PRO TOUR DRIFT (Wakefield park) May 6-7

    definately in for this, hope the rb20 is still kickin by then.