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  1. DA 2010 is dead?

    This is what happens at acherfeild a few times a month plus wednesday night practice every wednesday and its pretty cheap.It cost $50 for 4 hours track time and been a tight small track 250hp is more than enuf to have fun. We also have Friday night drift practice at QR about every 3weeks which is also pretty cheap but you need good power to have fun. also there is parklands in the goldcoast but this is getting shutdown soon since they are building a hospital right next to it. Thanks to the goverment. This weeked there are 3 drift events on in SE QLD all with in an hours drive I love living here:) Even though DA is on a downhill buzz our local stuff keeps getting bigger and stronger. We have some teams taking it to the next level:)
  2. To the guys who changed to the PFC, did you change the MAS or start running the car with out a MAS?
  3. Bonnet Spacers.

    Hey i am not sure if this is in the right section sorry if its not! The reason i made this poll is because i made some bonnet spacers for my S13 to try keep the engine temp down as much as i can while drifting. My mechanic said that the air flowing from the engine bay(no spacers) flow down the fire wall and past the transmisson and drive line keeping it cool. So know i am wondering if i should take the spacers out! What do you guys think? Cheers
  4. I have the same problem as the OP. I find sometimes it goes alot harder at 80% trottle than 100% and its worse then you change from 1st to 2nd gear-unless i flat shift then its fine
  5. I am 99% sure its the brakes causing the shaking, If they are brand new they shouldnt be doing this. What i would do its take the wheels of and make sure all the bolts are tight if they are, i would then make sure the rotors are straight if not take them back. IF they are straight make sure they are running "true" with the hub. But before you start check the brake fluid I hope this will sort it out
  6. another flutter thread..

    It could be your BOV getting stuck shut
  7. interior IN or OUT

    You need a mod plate for taking the rear seats out since your change the car to an two seater from a 4 seater. From what i understand you have to put bolts in the holes where the rear seat joins the car and rear seat belts have to be taking out and bolts in those holes to. but dont quote me on that bit.
  8. interior IN or OUT

    I have stripped the boost and degressed all the tyre dust. Other than that its all stock and in pretty good nick i would love to strip it all out when i get time and money for the mods plates. and i cant wait to have an excause not to carry people around
  9. Hey guys. I dont post on this forum much but have been on here for a while know and have never noticed a thread like this so i decided to make a poll and stuff. and i smashed the left hand side indicator in the tyre wall at acherfeild last wednesday night, ops. I was going to buy a whole pile of incators so i can replace them when needed but then i noticed a lot of S13s dont have them so i am thinking i will take them out bog the holes up and change the wiring to they dont blink fast. But i want to hear other people thoughs before i go ahead with it. I hope this makes sence and thanks.
  10. Was it a nissan gasket? I have changed mine my self i have a T28 on an red top and it was fine
  11. I didnt think i would see this anytime soon...but i was wrong!
  12. What the feck is in my car?

    i saw your post and i was like "WTF i didnt post that" then i realized your name just looks the same!
  13. 33 brakes onto s13?

    I havnt been here posting for long but there have been 3-4 threads about this posted in the last week! For the Rear: R33 rear hubs and brakes will fit(you need need a custom hand brake-not to sure about how it works) Use S14 lower control arms(you also gain +10 track on each side!) and S14 hubs and R33 brakes. (there are many ways of doing it-but this seems like the easyest) cheers
  14. I also think it could be an air leak! check over the bolts and nuts before spending money!
  15. Weld new strut tower

    Cut the taks in the strut tower hit it down to stock then weld both strut towers! Kiwi styles bro!(i am a 1st year boiler maker!)