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  1. RB26DETT and some stuff for sale

    hey guys, get on board! bring me cash so i can be an irresponsible human with cash, much like a rock star. strippers, vicks inhalers and an esky with a 125cc 2 stroke motor... maybe even a tiny goat that will parade the pits at RaceWars (may or may not be allowed to parade a goat at RaceWars) are not off the cards if i make enough cash from the sale of below listed goods. Feel free to throw me a rudely low offer, but you will most likely receive an appropriately blunt reply. all items marked 'New' are Brand new. RB26DETT, adjustable cam gears, N1 Turbos, split dumps, Mines down pipe, HKS actuators flashed ROM. $5,000 RB25 GBOX $1,500 ID2000s - New $1,200 Bride Zeta III low max $500 Takata Harness $200 Tomei Gasket Kit - New $450 Evo Brembos (Front) with dog-bones to suit Silvia $1100 - SOLD STI brembos (rear) $500 - SOLD Origin carbon fiber Canards - New $400 S15 dash + 3x Defi guages and controller $1,200 3UP knuckles, S15. - $300 Kazama rear Camber arms - (new) - $400 Powered by Max Hydraulic Handbrake (New) - $200 Pics available via text. please text or call enquiries. all parts located in Perth 0408 271 954 peace!
  2. Quick / Short joke thread

    I'm not racist.. but I lol'ed HAHAHA. What's 3 things you can't give an abo. 1 - a fat lip 2 - a black eye 3 - a job again, not a racist, but i had a giggle
  3. new Turbo for S15

    would one of these be better? HKS GTSS TURBO in a S15 housing I have very limited knowledge of actual turbo specs, so sorry if these seem like noob questions.
  4. new Turbo for S15

    Thanks heaps guys. looks like i'll be spending some money in the coming weeks hopefully soon i can post a decent dyno sheet for you all to look at
  5. new Turbo for S15

    ok... maybe i'll just chill at 220 or so for a while... not keen to get cams just yet. so, that turbo is a good reliable choice for a daily driver tho?
  6. new Turbo for S15

    Hi Guys... what do you think? hoping for some first hand knowledge. Garrett GT2871R 52 trim S15 comp cover style (AKA GT-RS) ball bearing turbo I'm thinking of upgrading my standard aus spec S15 turbo to one of these... looking to get about 250 rwkw with: FMIC - hybrid PFC bosch fuel pump pod 3inch apexi exhaust electronic boost controller (yet to be decided which brand) and a good tune? likley? thanks
  7. dude, mine does the same thing... I've been told that it has something to do with a large zorst (=lots of air out) but restrictive cooler/intake/piping... anyway, i'd say your over fueling a little bit and that's what's causing the "pop"... but seriously, listen to every other import that changes gears / hits the rev limiter ... it'll pop just the same and it sounds sexy... just boot it again in the next gear and it's smooth sailing.
  8. Slightly lumpy idle

    Yeah man, I have an S15 with pod, 3inch Turbo back zorst, and 12 psi... and mine idles a little lumpy as well... pulls hard and smooth, it's only the idle that seems to be affected... was gonna take it to a dyno to check air/fuel mixtures and see if the guys can offer any advice. might be time for some new plugs too.. and a front mount... hopefully that'll fix it if it's just a vacuum hose. apart from that... how sweet are S series Nissans!
  9. SR20DET Bunny hopping

    It's not Parkinsons is it?... that would explain the on-off-on-off. lol, sorry dude, i have nothing.
  10. I'm looking at buying a S15 in the next few weeks, but what's the difference between the spec r and the spec s? i have noticed that some have sunroofs but that's about the only difference i can see. also is there a difference between the gt models and the non-gt models??? any help would be awesome... cheers