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  1. Hi Evreryone My s15 has around 180K Km on the clock and recently it is burning oli pretty badly. a full tank of oil last around 2500KM before, my dip stick reaches the L mark. Just wanted to get some ideas from other owners with this problem, and what they did to fix or mitigate the issue. Also is it a sign that the engine is starting to die and time for a rebuild soon? I have no puddle of oil under the car, nor can i see any oil leak from outside. My spark plugs have tiny bit of oil residue, last time i took apart from intecooler , i noticed a fair but of oil, in the piping from turbo to intercooler. Thanks in advance
  2. cheers mate I actually googled it after i posted, and found out what it was. I took the PCV out of my car and checked it out. without knowing what it was, i blew into it and it seemed blocked. so i used a tool to push it in, then i was able to blow through. Doesnt look like i need a new one, but ill keep monitoring and get the compression test done soon
  3. Thanks for everyones advice - will be buying a kit and do a compression test this week!!! Scotty - thanks alot. Some good advice there. What is PCV i didnt know what you mean there?
  4. Hey mate. yeh its quiet a bit. Funny thing is that the mechanically the car is perfect and never missed a beat, so its a shame that its come to this. When i floor it, there is some black smoke, but its not that bad, ive seen alot worse lol hopefully its the turbo and not the engine. Can i do a compression test on my own? or need to take to a workshop?
  5. S15 jdm passenger side mirror

    Looking for jap spec folding s15 mirror. Not too fussed about condition,as long as the folding motor works. Need replacement motor Thanks
  6. S15 and S14 parts for sale

    Hey mate R the s15 mirrors ADM or JDM?
  7. S15 Front Bar - Pewter

    Nissan S15 Pewter Front bar Excellent condition - no respray required I bought this bar because i wanted to bolt on a perfect front bar without the need for a respray. I ended up fixing my damaged front bar, and ended up not using this replacement. price: $350 Price drop: $320 ono
  8. Hi Everyone I have a pair of JDM folding mirrors, which i am looking to install into my ADM s15. Im just wondering if i also obtained a JDM drivers side window/mirror switch panel, and replaced my ADM one, will the folding mirrors work? or is it a complicated messy wire up? Thanks in advance
  9. sweet~!!! thats what i wanted to hear. Do you know if the plug and loom for just the switch will plug into the ADM, or do i need the whole door switch (with power windows, locking etc) thanks
  10. Does anyone have one lieing around?
  11. NISSAN OEM GT SPEC RIMS These are the GT Shadow Chrome rims - not the standard grey rims 2 x Tyres - Brand new Potenza 99% 2 x Tyres - Other brand 50% PCD 114.3 x 5 will fit skyline and S14 price 450ono $320 take em away
  12. S15 Front Bar - Pewter

    Hey buddy pics added
  13. mega silvia sale plus recaros bride and more

    hey mate im looking for JDM S15 drivers side power window / mirror switch panel u got it?
  14. Good condition when removed from my car. no leaks, not seized up, etc too stiff for me, I changed to stock springs The Hipermax II coilover suspension kits have been engineered to be track ready suspension that is still "streetable". Dampening and rebound can be adjusted simultaneously in 30 different increments to deliver the desired shock compression and rebound stiffness. Ride height is adjusted by simply rotating the 60mm spring retainer perches around the chromed steel shock body. The dual interlocking spring retainer perches prevent spring movement and unwanted ride height changes. pick up warriewood 2102 price $220
  15. Hi everyone My bulb has blown and i have been trying to source a replacement. I tried a few bulbs from jaycar buy they all blow. I assume this is because there is no resistor on them. has anyone replaced there bulb without a genuine bulb and socket from Nissan?? if so what brand and part no did you use? Thanks alot
  16. Sydney Aero or standard Please pm me if you have one Thanks
  17. thanks alot S13Ks that helps alot. Strangely enough, the bulb i took out looks like a different assembly. My one is a wire type bulb which is wrapped around the socket. Ill try and get this one. Thanks again for your help.
  18. WTB S15 oem boost gauge

    looking for standard working boost gauge for s15 thanks please pm me
  19. S15 OEM ADM Front bar with fog light gills

    Is this sold?? Otherwise I'll take it
  20. Price : $350 Condition : Used I am selling a genuine C's Short Shifter kit for S15 6 speed These are extremely rare and ALMOST impossible to find these days. I imported this part after years of searching but i am selling cos i want to sell my car soon and wiil put the stock one back in. Comes with no box or instructions, but has all the parts, including extension adapter (which i had to find and buy separately $$$) price drop $320 Thanks
  21. I have a problem with my boostr controller, where no matter what adjustment i make, the boost stays at 12psi. With the screw all the way in (which should give me maximum boost) I get 12psi with the screw all the way out, holding on by a thread, i get 12psi !!! I have done some research online and no one seems to know why or how to fix it. The only thing useful i found was on the SAU forum where some guy took it to CRD and they said there was an issue with the cannister not being connected properly, and they fixed it. everyone says how great these things are. I have installed the right way but i always have problems with this damn thing, is it anything to do with the car electronics - i have an s15 adm . could the controller be faulty. im thinking of chucking it out and buying another brand ball and spring one, like HDI. There is a tiny 1 mm hole on the side of the controller, i have a few controllers and some of the holes are slightly bigger. DOes this hole do anything? i have heard of people wedling these holes up? Thanks
  22. hi Lately my s15 has been burning a bit of oil. It runs perfectly and all, but i wa advised by my mech that its not uncommon for older engines to do this. I usually run 10-40 semi synthetic the guy at autobarn recommended i go to 10-60 i also usually change my oil every 5000km so im wondering if its ok just to stick to what im using or its better for my engine to change to something heavier. mods: exhaust, running about 12 psi thanks
  23. some good info there!! thanks everyone think ill just stick to my 10-40 and keep and eye on things, THANK YOU!!
  24. Hi guys I've had my hi power super silent exhaust on my car for about 6 months, and recently its gotten really loud. Also after i back off,,, and then accelerate, i get this metallic rattlings sound for about 1 sec.,, and then it stops,, its f**k1n annoying me!!!! I checked along the exhaust and all the bolts are on and tight. Ive heard before that there is an internal resonator built in??? is this true? im thinking maybe some is loose around the internal resonator. Can anyone shed some light onto this? i looked at the canon muffler and cannot see anything inside or any bolts around? Thanks
  25. Thats good advice... i will try that out on the weekend and see how that goes. Hopefully js something hitting the chasis.,.,, fingers crossed Thanks againj