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  1. hey guys, basically state what u think is/are the most notorious and dodgy areas in perth.. obviously northbridge would be my number one always dodgey there but ive found canington, armadale and kemlscott as the worst suburbin places i wouldnt leave my car in a carpark there overnite

    what going on up in ere?

    who are these negros??!!
  4. hey guys i was just curious as to what high school people went too? who knows, maybe u want to school with 20 other sil owners and didnt know it lol this mainly applys to wa people only belridge senior high school 03-07
  5. apprenticeship wages

    if u know what ur doing outside of ur appretniceship you can do wateva on an appretniceship wage. you basically have to find other ways of getting money, whether it be buying selling cars, drugs, robbing warehouses or bank robberys sorry to be blunt but you CANT survive on apprenticeship wages these days without other help. / lol
  6. What would you do...

    ask them if its a new flavour they testing out?
  7. MSN spam bots

    just got one, said 'hello' to them, got no reply, then said 'tits out for the boys' and still no reply, so add and see for urself, sorry if it actually is someone that properly added me antoinettevyboxys@hotmail.com its a hot chick so hopefully it is a spambot and not a chick im gona ruin a chance with haha
  8. UPLATE - The New edition

    well im getting a bit loose now for my curent one, wana upgrade. i heard once if you go black u will never something something mexicans?
  9. UPLATE - The New edition

    do they sell big black dildos?
  10. UPLATE - The New edition

    is it in yen? i got a mag ere thats got EVERYTHING in it, but its all in jap and i cant understand it
  11. Tomks brother?

    jack for mod wait what?! 0.o
  12. UPLATE - The New edition

    hiltssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss evening bro wats going down in the hooooooood?
  13. UPLATE - The New edition

    not much atm man, but we need b00bs up in ere tho i see hansolo, can he bring boobs into ere? edit: boobs or ban
  14. UPLATE - The New edition

    yay sgoing lady's and gentlemen
  15. UPLATE - The New edition

    i cant believe im in my house on a sat nite
  16. Relationship or single?

    yeh girls are just f*cked was talking to a chick ive been friends with for a while the other night, she broke up with her ex due to him cheating on her for a 2nd time, and she also found out he was cheating on her the last 4 months. shes known that ive liked her, and she admitted if she wasnt in a realtionship with this guy she would be with me. was talking to her last nite and i asked her to come out with me clubbing, she said ofcourse ...basically the night consisted of her rambling on about her f*ckhead of an ex, which was okay, until she started saying 'good' things about him.. ...then i ran away