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  1. Tyre Review thread.

    Has anyone tried Zeta ZTR10's?? 235/45/R17 $68
  2. Which cams for these mods.

    I have that set up, 250rwkw on 18psi. Full boost by 4000rpm. great all round setup. Not to much lag with good power.
  3. Going from TD06 to GT2871r

    Retune - yes. 300rwhp at less than 17 psi. No problems. Should have full boost by 3800-4000rpm on a stock motor.
  4. ACT workshops, tuners, paint n panel, rego, etc

    Try Roy at powatone in Fyshwick. He should be able to make you a roll cage. He did a fantastic job on my exhaust.
  5. 2.5 inch exhaust for SR20DET

    I had a 2 1/2 inch exhaust with a muffler. Car made 215rwkw. No problems.
  6. Wakefield Matsuri Nov 8,9,10.

    So who's going? http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=535017&pid=6837313&st=0entry6837313
  7. Canberra projects

    All installed just need to bleed the brakes on the w/e and get an alignment (due to new lca's) I'll let you know next week. Bring on Matsuri!
  8. Canberra projects

    Just installed an r33 rear brake setup on my S13, new braided lines all round and a new brake brake master cylinder BM57. Should perform well and handbrake will be much better. Also dropped in a set of R33 front LCA's and new longer S14 tie rods and ends. Should give a bit more lock, more wheel clearance and more camber Now that power,handling and brakes are all sorted. NO MORE MODS!
  9. Yep. Look for a local club/track in your area fill out the entry and your good to go. no mods needed for entry level. Also check out an event style called "motorkhana". Both are great entry level motorsport options and a good way to learn car control.
  10. Cheap ebay semi slicks

    I have used both as steer tyres for drift. Been impressed with the 123 so keen to try some grip sessions at Wakefield and see how they go.
  11. Cheap ebay semi slicks

    I have tried both and at 123 are way softer and grippier but as a result wear quicker.
  12. Local PARTS for sale

    Set of 20 blue,steel wheel nuts. Quality Made in USA, not cheap Chinese crap. M12x1.5 $50.
  13. Local CARS for sale

    Make – Kawasaki Model - EL250 Year - 1988 Style - Cruiser Motor – 250cc Parallel twin, twin carbs, water cooled rated at 33hp same engine as ZZR-250 Odometer – 22000km I bought this motorbike about 4 years ago with 9000km on the clock and since then it has run like a dream. My partner and I have used this bike on our L’s and P’s but now we have both upsized and it is time to let the old girl go. Most of it’s life it has been used daily to get me to work and back and it is very fuel efficient and has always been garaged. Despite the fact it is only a 250 it has a surprising amount of get up and go and is happy to sit on 100km/h down the highway. Having a low centre of gravity, relaxed seating position, and good handling it makes this the perfect learners bike or daily commuter. The good Tyres - Rear is about 3000km old and the front is brand new Mechanical condition – serviced every 5000km, recently had new drive chain. Nothing to spend. The not so good Overall the bike is in good condition but as a learner bike it has a few minor blemishes, bumps and scrapes. $1800 ONO.
  14. Clunking in s13 rear end.

    +1 check you exhaust, probably knocking somewhere.
  15. Local PARTS for sale

    For sale Garret GT2871R 52 trim. S15 style compressor cover, 0.64 exhaust housing. Blown rear oil seal, suit rebuild or new core. Awesome bolt on turbo. Made 250rwkw on my SR20DET. Offers?