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  1. Trouble staying logged in?

    Haveing a similar problem here. sometimes when I log in, as soon as the login successful screen has flashed up, the next screen tells me that the admin has enabled search flood control, and I'm no longer logged in. Other times, (like tonite) once I finally manage to get logged in (after about 5 attempts) when I try to check my last 10 posts it does the same thing.
  2. I saw on your site that you have S14.5 conversions listed... Are you also able to get S13.5 conversion gaurds? And if so, how much? Chears, Scott.
  3. After much searching, I've finaly found a free linkto all the 180sx and 200sx manuals. I've only downloaded the S13 manual myself, but was very happy to find that it was a bookmarked PDF file. http://h-dev.co.uk/manuals Enjoy, Scott.
  4. 4wd silvia?

    I think you seriously mis-read what he wrote. No-one in here said that the GTiR had ATESSA!! And the fact that it's a Pulsar should be indication enough that it's based on a FWD car. I think most of us also know that an RB20DET with an equivalent setup will almost always produce more power than an SR20DET. You seem to be argueing a point that NOBODY made. But what about the poor guy who just asked a simple question in the first place? We now know that someone has tried it in an S15, and it would cost a small fortune to make it street legal. But if it was just to be a track special, then it may not be quite as expensive, but youll still have to check with CAMS (Confederation of Australian MotorSport) to see what they'd require you to do. If I was to try it myself (which I would love to do, but could never afford to), I'd be looking at a GTS4 (or perhaps AWD Ceferio) half cut as a donor vehicle. This would give you most of the AWD system at a reasonable cost, and you could possibily graft in it's transmission tunnel section to allow clearance for the gearbox/transfer case. Crossmember and suspension mounts would all have to be custom made, and as someone else pointed out, you may have major issues with lineing up the front diff with the original location of the front wheels. There's heaps of other stuff too, including wireing up the the ATESSA and engine harness. Good luck if you do try to do it mate.
  5. I got brand new rotors on my car a while back, and I get the same vibration you mentioned, but it only started after a couple of hard braking applications from high speed at the race track. I didn't expect them to warp that quickly, especialy since they're from a very reputable company that make a lot of local OEM brakes. But if your wheel bearings are fine, then get your rotors machined.
  6. Need help with rollcage!

    I think your best bet would be to take your car and cage to a specialist, and get them to do the job. It may cost you more, but at least it'll fit right, and be safe & legal for the street.
  7. Fan aint working

    S13 repair manual!!!!!!! Where do you get them from. I've had no luck in finding anything for S13.
  8. mods

    First check this (just in case). I'm not sure what model your car is, but the 180sx (I think it's the same for all Silvia's too) has a 3 stage switch. -With the switch slide all the way to the drivers/right side, the interior light stays off even if the door is opened. -The middle position will have the light come on when the door is opened, and will remain on once the door is closed, until either the ignition is turned on, or the delay timer runs out. -Switch it all the way to the left, and it will stay on regardless. As for the location of the door switch, you should find it at the rear of the door opening, above the door catch.
  9. help with parts number

    Nissan didn't release the silvia in Aus (all ours are japanese imports), so I don't think anyone over here would have a part no. Your best bet would be to go to an Jap engine importer and see if they've got any in stock, or if they could bring some over with their next shipment, and then just get them retrimmed if you want. But in reality, you'd probably be better off just getting some nice aftermarket seats for the money youll be spending.
  10. The thing with the EBC kit, is that you can change the boost curve so that it comes on nice and smooth and won't send you sideways in the wet when you hit 3500rpm (at least that's the theory). I've got the kit built, but am waiting on a different solenoid that stays normally open, so that if the thing stuffs up, the wastegate will still see pressure and wont over-boost.
  11. They allways blow that one it seems, usually youll find the nuts have come loose. when you do replace the gasket, get new plate-locks as well (the ones with the bend-up tabs) part no. 14495-17f00 They cost bugger all, and may save you havin to replace the same gasket again so soon. Good luck
  12. 2 wheel burnouts

    It's not as easy with floppy barge suspension, but still quite possible. Every car I've owned has been able to do it, and the 180's my first car with an lsd (unless you count the "CIG Locker" in my old race car). Start of on a surface slopped to one side, so that when the tires start to spin (they usualy both start to spin when you dump the clutch, but one will stop), the car will start to crabwalk. Just keep the car movin slowly and they should both keep smokin. Just remember, Don't try this on public roads, as it tends to be frowned upon by the law. Play nice people
  13. Boost Controller

    ahem ahem... look in sig... kaytech.com.au is getting them this month as well. i can get them even cheaper than cheap for myself! i might test one of them, but not TOO keen on the whole, Do everything yourself idea. Sorry, it was just a suggestion. Sheesh......... PS. I don't click on every link I see in someones sig.
  14. Boost Controller

    Jaycar have a electronic boost controler kit (KC5387) coming on the market this month, that uses the factory solenoid to controll boost, so it should be pretty discreet. the kit costs under $80 for the controler, and another $60 for the hand controler (KC5386) to program it. I'm pretty sure the controller can also be used to display boost levels as your driving. This is easily the cheapest electronic boost controler setup I've ever heard of! The only prob with this kit is, that you have to assemble the whole thing yourself, which includes soldering components to the PCB, so it's only really for the serious DIY'er or or ppl with friends that are. I'll be getting one in the next few weeks, so I'll post up the results when it's fitted. Check the Jaycar website for more details on the kit.
  15. LSD for me?

    In laymans terms, "half shafts" are your axles. Basically, it should fit, but a quick count of the number of bolts connecting the half shafts (axles) to the diff center output shafts (for lack of better wording) should confirm things. Happy drifting.