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  1. Im Not to sure what you don't understand? Trouble reading English? Or just retarded?
  2. Ha jud have my babies. Kd like responses. Ya mum jokes are fairly old game. Just like rodeos mum. Boooom tish So robin, is the batcave really that cool? Or is I all show no go?
  3. I'm surprised more people haven't heard of it. It's always a worry in the national park unless its been pouring for a couple of days.
  4. yer i know man i was a p plater not that long ago just saying there is a regular bunch that go down there and skid, 5,6,7 nights a week. if you guys want to go find your own suspect it wont be hard head down to the s bends after dark and take a look around
  5. really you guys havent come across this? its your standard bunch of p platers with na hunks, was all over the road in woronora heights, engadine and loftus last weekend to. shit go it happend to you guys, was it at the s bends? happens o\alot on the waterfall road in to the national park. then a light spinkle and shit hits the fan major, you cant even roll throuigh without sliding hate to say it but i dont think many people will be caught for it
  6. Wouldn't have said problem with a boc locker...
  7. Shrine of KEMP

    Lol screen shot messages and post? Or start a new thread.
  8. Shrine of KEMP

    f**k this is a great laugh
  9. Wow. That was shit. You new here?
  10. Had a similar problem. Was snapped wheel stud
  11. hissing sound from engine?

    Hissing you say. Probably don't keep your snakes in the engine bay.