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  1. Big Bird RB25 Neo S15

    Tidy conversion dude. Bet your keen to get it tuned and start driving it
  2. i got myne at the start of last year for $350 to my door. I think the last 6 month the prices have gone up a fair bit. I recken if you get a complete set for under $500, you are doing pretty good
  3. Car accident compensation

    his mate wouldnt even find out if you didnt tell him. You have to think about what happens if the injury you have will come to hurt later on in life. mite effect your job
  4. RB25 S14 Money Pit

    cheer dude
  5. Zenki s14

    and this how you zenki
  6. RB25 S14 Money Pit

    took it out of the garage last weekend and went for a little. damm it needs rego so i can enjoy it.
  7. Guard pumping Gold Coast

    mobile gaurd rolling did myne
  8. RB25 S14 Money Pit

    Feels factory. You can you just hear it like a fuel pump because it is in the boot
  9. RB25 S14 Money Pit

    Thanks guys.
  10. RB25 S14 Money Pit

    Then this happend because the painter didnt know how to paint. So I had to go pay someone else to pay the car again.
  11. RB25 S14 Money Pit

    Here is a few pictures from the build.
  12. RB25 S14 Money Pit

    Hey guys. I finally finished building my S14. Its been a long and expensive 2.5 years. At the moment I am pretty happy with the car just want to get a wheel alignment, get it modplated and regoed and start driving it on the street. Here is a run down on the car. Power: 512hp on 22psi Tuned by 101 Motorsport Engine mods and cooling: RB25 S1 motor Cam tech 256 Drop in cams Tomei cam gears Gates timing belt New valves and new valve guides Full set of RB26 engine covers ARP head studs Nitto headgasket Garret 35r turbo Turbosmart 50mm wastegate Turbosmart bleed valve Full 3" straight through exhaust with 5" tip 600x300x100 intercooler with custom piping Slide industries custom plenum Sard fuel rail Turbosmart 1200hp fuel reg Bosh 2000cc injectors Walbro e85 fuel pump Braided lines used throughout Koyo radiator 2 12" Arero flow thermo fans Driveline: R25 Gearbox Custom gearbox crossmember with solid mount Dog leg shifter NPC 10inch button clutch Braided clutch line 1 piece tailshaft R33 R200 shimmed diff R33 5 bolt driveshafts Electrical And Wiring: Haltech E11 V2 Racepak dash Custom loom done by whiteys wiring Holden astra electric power steering pump located in the boot Fuse boxed relocated to underneath the dash Battery in boot Wheels, Brakes And Suspension Work VSKF 18x9.5-6 front and 18x10.5+2 rear Achillies 215 35 front and 235 40 rear tyres DBA slotted rotors and red stuff pads all round braided brake lines BC coilovers 25mm extended front control arms Maxima tie rods Cusco castor rods Cusco toe arms Exterior: Full respray in honda oddessy midnight purple Navan front Navan side skirts Navan rear pods JDM front gaurds JDM rear bar S2 taillights Ganador side mirrors Origin bootlip Interior: Bride Zeta 3 bucket seats Bride LF seat rails Crow eneterprize racing harnesses Cusco full cage with harness bar Nardi deep corn steering wheel wearelikewise gear knob
  13. A New Beginning

    Juat took it to 101 and rhey are gwtting there smarky to do it