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  1. STOLEN!

    Ok, the pics didn't work
  2. STOLEN!

    Hi all Last night/early this morning, some pricks stole my baby, she wasn't much to look at but she was mine. Was stolen from out front of my place in Waterford West, QLD (Logan area). She is a White S13 with ugly 3spoke wheels. Rego 554SIK. If spotted, please contact police, or Chuck Norris, that choice is yours. I have included 2 pics so hopefully someone spots her and she is returned safely... Thanks guys James
  3. S13 silvia LED tail light conversion

    I more prefer the normal crystal style but yeah, still not bad... Like trae said, each to their own...
  4. Oh awesome, bout time LOL
  5. WoW freakout

    Haha I don't play many computron games, mostly sexbox
  6. just another 180sx

    SR20DE cams cheap and slightly bigger than DET cams
  7. S13 Silvia Track Car

    Haha nice work bro
  8. S13 Silvia SR20det Manual Daily/Drift Car

    Haha I bought this off youse...
  9. Christmas Island....

    What do real hard working, TAX PAYING Aussies hope the migrants on Christmas island receive? Cyclone XD
  10. WoW freakout

    Don't know if this is a re-post but WOW!!! and also, does he try to shove his remote up his ass? http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1915521

    What's the difference between a woman and a fridge? Fridge doesn't fanny fart when you shove your meet in Why are wedding dresses white? To match the kitchen appliances What do you do when your missus sits next to you while watching sport? Shorten her chain Why are womens feet small? Get closer to the sink
  12. S13 Silvia Track Car

    That's gonna be one sexy sil man, wish I had some of those goodies for mine...
  13. S13 Silvia Track Car

    Any pics?