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  1. EOI - Nissan S15 Spec R - "REEEEN"

    Update... Car has done 109,675ks.
  2. EOI - Nissan S15 Spec R - "REEEEN"

    Yeah sorry been years since I've been online I'll update the post!
  3. Hey everyone, Really sad to be posting this up.... Hoping for around $23,000 neg. Car has done 109,675ks I've had it since 2004 (I think) and was the first australian owner. Anyway here is the list of mods, Please send me a PM if your interested in it. Also comes with everything needed to pass a rwc! stock wheels with good tyres, air box, stock pipes to remove bov, untinted passenger and drivers side windows and the coilovers are adjustable. EXTERNAL: Genuine Vertex Lang Full Bodykit + ducktail Spoiler Resprayed Gunmetal Grey Some sort of Japanese Mirror Tint... Don't know what it's really called it came with the car.... Yashio Factory Smoked LED Tail Lights Volks TE37 Fronts: 17 x 9 +15 215/45/17 Rears: 18 x 9.5 +12 225/40/18 powdercoated gold INTERNAL: Recaro Seat (just drivers side) HKS Water Temp Gauge HKS Boost Gauge Genuine Silvia Floor Matts ENGINE/PERFORMANCE: Yashio Style Rocker Cover Yashio Cooling Panel HKS Front Mount Intercooler HKS Metal Intake Pipe HKS Pod Filter HKS SSQV HKS Actuator HPI Split front pipe Apexi N1 Evolution 3" Exhaust cat back Apexi Exhaust Rubber Mounts JECS GTR Fuel Pump Twin Plate/Performance Clutch (unsure of what it is but have been told by many ppl that it's a twin plate) HANDLING: Apexi N1 Coilovers Cusco Front Strut Brace Cusco Caster Rods Cusco Traction Arms Cusco Toe Arms JIC Camber Arms Subframe Bushers SOUND SYSTEM: Alpine Head Unit JL audio 6" splits Front JL audio 6" speakers Rear Caidence 4ch amp Caidence mono block Kicker comp series single 12" sub

    Spotted white R34 GTR with fluro orange rims plates BYHKS... needed moar offset but still tuff as FK

    Spotted a tuff white s15 on my way to work today... had an aero kit and arc wing and wide wheels sort of meshi style with stretched tires... looked tuff as!!

  7. tattoos

    I love tatts I want to get my back tattooed but not a skank tatt I mean like a huge piece covering my back up to my bra strap. Just can't figure out what to get. Advice to anyone wanting a piercing don't get ur nipples pierced!! most painful thing I've ever felt and I've done alot of stupid things but that was by far the worst!! they look awesome but for the amount of pain I'm not sure if it's worth it!
  8. Police Blitz

    I agree too Tsuro... but people fail to remember the power of the people... government is never going to introduce policies favoring young people as long as the large majority of voters are the 'aging' population... all laws made will be in favour of old people. It is the fault of the younger generations simply not caring enough about government and politic. When enough fuss is made the government will change... currently not enough young people care enough to make an effort or a fuss so the government just do what their voters want them to do!!! And old people see all young people as a hoon... even if your going 30km's down a suburban street with a loud exhaust and old lady will look at you like you just stole her teeth or shat on her lawn or something!!... If everyone wants things to change, start encouraging young people to take an interest into politics and what the government are actually doing... things might actually change then! My opinion anyway...
  9. Found some good pics of our MelbS15 stand and other cars from the day... Pics of all the cars: http://www.sickbunnyphotos.com/gallery2/in...album&id=62 Our Stand: Here's some more pics of our MelbS15 stand and other cars... http://dorifuto.wordpress.com/2010/08/29/m...o-salon-part-1/ And some more I found...
  10. My R1

    I was going to get a 600 but my mates all convinced me to just go a 1000... they had seen me ride and said that I could handel it so why not. I had a kawasaki ninja 250r the 2010mdl. I cannot remember the last time I was a passenger. I even put my mates on the back of THEIR bike, while I ride. I just can't put my life in someone else's hands when I've got more experience/track time/mileage than they do. A few things I hated about my R1 (and you'll probably agree): mirrors are useless ... when they're not vibrating to hell, you can only see your elbows very twitchy bike ... depending upon the tyres your running of course can't be agressive on the throttle ... front wheel just wants to get airborn when you don't want it to If you like the power of an in-line 4 1000cc bike, then try a 1000cc v-twin one day. I bought my TLR after my R1 was totalled and I've never looked back. Power and torque are awesome. yeah I have to agree those are the things I hate most about the R1's is their mirors vibrating... can't see if cops are behind u lol also the front wheel wanting to lift off the ground when ur trying to take off fast... it's awesome but scary at the same time 2 of my mates of got TLR's you've probably seen them around... their both yellow with lots of chrome lol Thanks Um nah all of my mates have them too and say that they are the most comfortable out of all the 1000's so I just took their word. I've been told that the kawasaki's shake alot and that the position the cbr puts u in is uncomfortable and other things... the model I have though is a bit heavy for me. Might try get a newer lighter one next time coz i'm only a small girl lol The bike is up for sale atm if anyone is interested. I'm going to buy a house in a month or two and need this gone till I have bought the house then I'm gonna get another one late in the year. If anyone is interested PM me
  11. Legal Advice

    Hey ppl I got a defect on Saturday night and the cop who did the defect wrote the model of my car down as a S13 instead of S15... also he didn't write down my VIN or Engine number on the defect... can I get this wavered as an invalid defect coz he has put the wrong details down?? Anyone know?? Anyone done it??
  12. My R1

    Thanks, it's a 01 model with about 37,000ks on it.. runs really well for an older bike if you ever come to melb for a ride let me know I hit the mountains regularly LOL acutally I do thanks it's nice to be in the pilot seat I'm not a fan of being passenger. I think it's scarier or the back when you have no control over the bike.. plus I'm a bit of an adreniline junkie... love the power of a 1000 it's fkn awesome
  13. My R1

    wow never seen this section before... anyway here is my R1 got it about 4 weeks ago now, upgraded from a 250 and been loving it... was gonna get a 600 but was coaxed into getting a 1000, but was the best decision ever! It's pretty stock atm... just a full exhaust system and that's bout it... gonna get rid of the ugly undertail and do other minor cosmetics and will tune it hopefully soon too.
  14. MelbS15 is running! finally...

    PM Morph^^ he's an administrator on MelbS15 he should be able to help u out.
  15. Boy Vs Family

    Yeah I completely agree with that too.. I think sometimes families do go too far and have bad habits of being nosey lol but don't hold it against them... mostly their just being over protective.