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  1. Electrical Apprenticeship

    Its a long shot but worth a try, just seeing if anyone works in a company that is looking for a 1st year electrician apprentice, im in the South East suburbs willing to travel. Cheers Tim
  2. just saw your thread on JDMST would be very interest in a set of 4 19's blank or already drilled 5x120 8.5-9 inch wide +30 offset, would put cash down for a set straight away (cc03 or cc02 preferably cc03 though)
  3. is it possible to get the CC02-TWIN 6 SPOKEin 5x120 PCD and different offsets?
  4. looking for someone to do window tinting in SE melbourne???
  5. f**k i want your subi
  6. suck it faggot! that's what being a cock sucker gets you!
  7. sorry for hi-jack but do you spray cars bossballer?
  8. The Tradie Roll-call Thread.

    Name: Tim Job title: Apprentice Electrician Give a brief description of the job: Domestic/ Commercial, do everything elec. new/old/reno homes, shop fitouts/ businesses/ schools ect How did you get into the job?: mate i went to school with How many years have you been in the job?: 3 months What is the pay like from beginner to your current level?: shit but you manage, left concreting to start a apprenticeship so $1100 after tax a week to $360 What was the training like?: fantastic been doing it 3 months and can wire a new house already haven't even started school yet, and just started doing basic cashies RCD's, power points, lights, data Do you wish you had done a different trade?: No im a qualified chef and thank f**k im not doing that anymore If so which one and why:

    your dreaming if you think your going to rock up in Jan and get a job, i just got back from a season in canada, i was there on the 15th of november and couldnt get any work at whistler and i'm a qualified chef, your best bet is to turn up october and get and job then accommodation will be easier to find then as well, i ended up in Banff and there wasnt much work but i did manage to get a job, housing on the other hand was impossible, stayed in a 1 star shit hole next to the ptarmigan. What ever you do, DONT go through a working holiday company i lost $1500 using one of these useless f**king things and ended up having to do everything my self they did NOTHING! i used Global Work and Travel CO. take my advice makes sure you take 6-7k spending money, if you do find accom pay for a few months up front, the rest is money for jam, you will get blind nearly every night even if you say you wont peer pressure is a bitch. Stay in a hostel its a great way to meet people and get roots, wear a rubber though two people we met got genital herpes whilst they were there from shagging with no rain coats on. Lastly if your 100% apply for you visa now! it lasts 2 years for aussies, its a long process and i was stupid left mine to the last minute and didnt get it until i had been in canada for a week which in turn i had to leave the country and re enter on a working visa $300 down the shitter on flights to seattle. any other questions feel free to ask P.s if your a good looking *milkshake* you will shag your dick off tap-able clunge is plentiful
  10. Surf Trip Destinations

    PNG Explorer 1 or PNG Explorer 2, everything you could want and more i booked through The perfect wave website was AMAZING, boat crew are friendly and food is good, i went with 1 other mate and we joined one that already had 4 other people booked on it, you end up becoming good mates with everyone on board really, bring your big man testicles as some of the waves are insanely shallow and you will get smashed into the reef
  11. Cars,dicks and skids.

    miss this car sooo much, would slam my dick in a door everyday if i could have it still
  12. Working Holidays

    I have been playing with the idea of going on a working holiday this year and was wondering who here has gone on one and what were your experinces? try to include Where: When: How long did you go for: Why: (what made you want to go) How was it? How much money did you take with you? How was he overall experience? What did you get out of it?
  13. Working Holidays

    ^ thats the sort of stories im looking for, good work man i would love to go to Japan
  14. Working Holidays

    like gone overseas work some form of job to help pay for your stay in that country and party see shit ect. EXAMPLE: going to london/uk work in a pub and travel around/ site see on your days off ect EXAMPLE2: going to canada working at a ski resort, using the money to help pay for things ans skiing/boarding/partying in your spare time
  15. Reaming imminent

    We need slash plates like in Japan, i would buy another import then
  16. apexi style gauge holder

    try access auto works in melbourne they are a apexi dealer they post to im pretty sure
  17. Help with my diet

    ok so im trying to put on a few kilo's and was wondering if my diet needs some help as i feel it lacks fat intake, so here its is: 5.00am weatbix (4) full cream milk, protein shake with full cream milk (250ml) 9.30-10.00am, 1 can tuna in spring water, 1 apple, 1 mandarin, 30g cheese, 2 boiled eggs 1.00pm 1 chicken breast or steak with steamed veggies 3.00pm protein shake with water 6.00pm protein shake with water 7.00pm steak or chicken breast with boiled potato's or rice i drink around 4-5 litres of water a day (no soft drinks, alcohol, cordials or fruit juices) help me out guys stats: Height: 5'11 Weight: 80.3kg Age: 22 Bench: 75kg x8-10 reps 4 sets Squats: 85kg x8 reps 4 sets Deadlift: 80kg x8 reps 4 sets
  18. Help with my diet

    had a read of it, however didnt find it very helpful though, 2 blokes arguing wether or not supplements should be used or not
  19. Help with my diet

    thanks mate added it in
  20. Is this dump/front pipe good?

    couldnt agree more, personally i would rather a bellmouth, as the saying goes do it once do it right if you want a split type go with one with a divider that fits properly
  21. What will make you buy a 3DTV?

    ive watched porn in 3d on my samsung 46" 3d tv, its wild i love it
  22. GT-R goodness..... on a runway

    FAAARRRKKK RB26's sound porn, gunna go to the news agents and look for this tomorrow
  23. Well done to Rusty AKA RUZJET

    good work which break was it at? might see you @ flynn's or right point one day