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  1. NEW Zenkai Drift Wheels! HOT HOT HOT

    anyone got pics with lowest offset available??
  2. Yo_Mang's S13 Silvia

    http://www.nissansilvia.com.au/forums/index.php?showtopic=440944 for extractors
  3. that 31 is farkin sickkk! winnn and yea specs, or a build thread or something
  4. My Poovia before lowering all round
  5. 1990 Nissan Silvia

    so what nigger is gunna buy this car already!? ive been in this car, seriously quickest de ive been in and has any supporting mod you could need. Congratulations to the future buyer cant wait to buy new car, will be brahhpping everywhere haha
  6. skatepark in CBD

    stupidmark blows
  7. damos crap onevia

    Wing looks pretty cool, would look even better with corner bits on the quarter panel, if the wing just hung over even to finish the the edge of wing off. Put some tyre shine on bro zomg tyres are too pooey
  8. Out of the odd 2000 photos, and 5 minutes footage, there's nothing of my car 170, not even in the background. Awesome
  9. Phone doesn't do vimeo, pootube that shiitttttt!!!
  10. 3 WORD STORY

    And shoved it
  11. Hahaha, But yes + azillion for pics and vids
  12. White 98 180sx type x FOR SALE!

    Harhar...? Lol Did u get pic any pics of the black sil behind the 180? Zomggg
  13. True azza, good day overall, About 65% satisfied with my efforts so pretty poor, not that my sweet clutch slave helped, picked up some form of consistancy today compared to my first time so I can't wait for the next time. Thanx to all the appropriate people putting together the day and running it.