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  1. my car accident

    Since you hit someone it may be best for you to go through your insurance company. You never know if the Third Party become unsatisfied with the repairs further on down the track and then come back to you in the future to pay up or they contact their insurance company in which in return will send you a letter of demand. So it may be a good idea to grin and bear it and go through your insurer. Afterall, it is the reason you have it and pay it. Good luck and if you have any questions feel free to PM me as I am an insurance broker and know the ins and outs. Lee
  2. QLD S-Chassis Laptime Leaderboard

    Cool thnx for putting my slow time up - need to get out there again and keep lowering my times on streets. May need to get some Ku36's soon.. also nice work on PB Harry btw!
  3. Introduce Yourself

    Hey Girlies newbie to the forums Would love to meet anyone whose in brisbane and is keen to meet up kinda newish hehe Name: Leeana Nickname: Souky or Lee Where I live: Brisbane- South Side What I do for a living: Assistant Account manager in Insurance What I drive: 93 S13 Silvia Mods/future plans: Lakeside sprints Dream Car: have it! Interests: Track, motorsport, dance Contact: Leeana Smith (facebook) leeana.smith@hotmail.com
  4. That's literally 2 seconds from my work so should be able to make it - im a noob so it'll be my first meet so come say hi
  5. **QLD ns.com Members**

    Name: Leeana aka Souky or Lee Location: Brisbane - Southside Car: 1993 Nissan S13 Silvia MSN: leeana.smith@hotmail.com Work: Asistant Account Manager- Insurance Interests: Track Hey all, this is my sil, absolutly love it coming from ones of those new suzuki swifts! Hope to see you out and about as I'm fairly new to the forums