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  1. protein bars where to bulk buy cheap?

    Hey mate, I am the National Sales Manager for a large health product wholesaler. We do a fair few protein bars. Probably the best ones are the Aussie Bodies HPLC bars with 45g protein. They are $4.99 at Woolies. Come in boxes of 12's. I can offload them to you at a discount, will let you know a price when I get to work.
  2. matts journal (advan)

    Come train one monday night at my place. I won't be crook this time. Got 170kg worth of plates now and still a nice bent ebay bar from your 200kg squats also just completed a full set of KB's for doing complexes. I train with 1 to 2 mates every Monday and Wednesday. In Mitchelton, u know where it is. we just go through the SGR but going to start adding some KB training. would be good to see you. Mitch
  3. Hey guys, Just getting back into training after a 16 week rest period. Goals are to increase Strength & Muscle and also just general fitness. I'm jumping back on the Skinny Guy Routine 3 times a week. Squat 20, 15 MP 3x8 Bent Rows 3x8 Bench 3x8 Curls 2x8 Dips 2xmax I want to expand my training to 5-6 days a week and thought it would be great to add some KB training on my off days. The main reason for doing this is to keep my focus and get my workrate up. So my questions is, how can I add KB training into the mix to maximise my performance. I obviously don't want to overtrain. I've now got a pretty good range of KB's: 1x 64kg 1x 56kg 1x 48kg 1x 44kg 1x 40kg 2x 24kg 2x 16kg 2x 12kg 2x 4kg As well as 170kg of weight, oly bar, cage & Bench and a heap of wood and crates for making raised platforms.
  4. Adding Kettle Bells to the mix

    was on my way to bear status. Am now a muur cat again. ymm
  5. Adding Kettle Bells to the mix

    yeah mate sounds good. I've been back for about 4-5 weeks now. Got 3 boys training on monday's with me and another 1 on wednesday's so keen to come out maybe later in the week or on saturdays. in regards to KB's u reckon I can do complexes on my off days as cardio?
  6. Yourmatemitch's Training Log

    Stats: 180cm, 67.7kg as of 2/4/08 Session was pretty casualish today. Didn't have motivation / energy to go hard. I kept Set Intervals at between 30-60 seconds though.. was out of gym after about 45 mins which was good. Squats 60kg x 8 (warmup) 80kg x 8 75kg x 15 MP 30kg x 5 (warmup) 40kg x 8 40kg x 6 Bent Rows 60kg x 6 (warmup0 70kg x 8 70kg x 8 70kg x 10 Incl Bench Press 50kg x 10 50kg x 8 BB Curls 32.5 x 8 x 2 BW Dips 20, 10
  7. Yourmatemitch's Training Log

    been out of the game for a while. Lifting once a week for last month to get it happening again... Lifts are something like Squat 100kg x 12 85kg x 20 MP 50 3x8 Bench 57.5 3x8 Rows 70kg 3x8 curls 40kg 2x8 Dips BW x 16, 12 Just increased my kettlebell inventory to full set curtosy of LKT. So training hard Monday, Wednesday and Fri or Sat depending on situation. Will throw in a heap of KB training on off days to get my fitness up.
  8. spewing about the sandbag. but yeah ok DONE
  9. I'll take the lot for $500, ill put 10% deposit in your account and fix up the balance before you go away.
  10. Hi Everyone, I have some Bioceuticals stock to Clear to anywhere in Australia. As many of you may know Bioceuticals is one of Australias leading brands of vitamins and nutritional supplements and are leaders in the market for quality. MultiEssentials is voted by many naturopaths to be the best multi available, and is usually only accessible through a practitioner. Also available is Ultra Muscleze Magnesium Powder, again the industries number 1 Magnesium powder, and a few other products that I believe relevant to this forum such as Fish Oil and Zinc For a limited time I have access to stock, so that you can receive the product at 20% Below Wholesale. which means a 90 tab multi usually retailing for $36 incl. will wind up to you around the $17 mark ex gst. I am not making money on this, simply helping one of my friends clear his Bioceuticals stock, and this is a great oportunity for you guys to get a hold of it and an extremely good price. Houghy, if you know of any clinics or vitamin shops down there in Melb that might be interested I can negotiate some pretty good deals on the whole range (anywhere from 1+1's to 5+1's). Again mods, I'm not making jack on this but understand if you want to delete. Price Multi Essentials 30t RRP: $14.50 inc. ------- To you: $7.52 inc. Multi Essentials 90t RRP: $36.00 inc. ------- To you: $19.09 inc. Ultra Muscle Eze Magnesium 300g RRP: $64.35 incl. ------- To you: $34.32 incl. Ultra Muscle Eze Magnesium 150g RRP: $33.83 inc. ------- To you: $18.04 incl. If you are taking a multi you would be crazy not to snap that 90t up. And magnesium will help with muscle ticks and cramps as well as help promote ATP production (energy). I believe every athlete should be on magnesium for this reason, but also because magnesium buffers any metabolic acids built up from excercise. If the magnesium doesn't come from the diet it comes from the bones. Mitch
  11. just starting out

    poo licking is a recreational activity not a dietary consideration. well for some of you homos anyway.
  12. Yourmatemitch's Training Log

    Haha fair enough. I see you hit 100x20, good shit mate, im a week or so off. If it's cool with you I might treck out again and do another session with you. That being said, you should come sth side for a change of scenery. We are gunna do our own strongman we've got big tyres and kegs and shit. sounds good to me mate let me know when.
  13. Yourmatemitch's Training Log

    hey mate yeah on and off we are. Problem with Ghosty is at the moment he only has the capacity to do 2 lifts before he's too tired and wants to go home. havent seen him for a couple of weeks, I think he was talking about getting a gym membership? When he's not around its the full SGR start to finish. Monday, Wednesday and the Fri or Sat.
  14. Yourmatemitch's Training Log

    Pic from around New Years. bit of lighting assistance but meh. Have trained f**k all since start of january. Just 1 set of squats most weeks. Gettting back into it this week.
  15. losing last bit of stubborn fat

    in my experience just do the BB curls. It doesn't matter if you cheat a bit. It's not really an important exercise in the mix. I wouldn't drop them about but I wouldn't be over concerned. Focus on working al the major exercise and just keep tapping away at the BB curls. They really are just accessory. I find the curls and dips just good finishers to the SGR.
  16. do this. Eat bananas/apples for pick me ups and drink water. Make sure you get protein too. forget coke, energy drinks etc. After 2 weeks you will feel great. Eat clean with lots of veggies. If your doing hard physical work in the summer you will need to be drinking about 3.5 to 4 litres of water a day. Pissing atleast 3 to 4 times during the day. Make sure you get some protein in the mornings too. And go get yourself a multi-vitamin (B complex) some good ones are: Bioceuticals Multi Essentials Stress B Eagle Tresos B Nutrition Care SF88 Forget doing a 'clean out', if you eat right your body will clean itself and youll feel alot better in about 14 days. go ask at a health food store.
  17. meditation

    Qi is hard to explain, it definately isn't the hyped up 'throw someone across the room without touching them' crap, but it does actually exist and you can work with it. whether its some 'energetic force' or simply an aspect of physiology we don't understand is open to discussion. Hence all the scientific data supporting acupuncture. hence i have helped many people with illnesses with acupuncture...
  18. meditation

    I dont get to meditate as much as I used to but its definately good for you. Getting into the sitting postures is pretty difficult. You have to be flexible in your hips. Buy yourself a zabuton or use some books to help you. Otherwise do sitting meditation in a chair. with lying meditation you will just fall asleep (which isn't the point). The point is basically finding the level between awake and sleep where you are accessing some of your deeper consciousness and keeping strong one pointed focus on whatever it is that you are meditating on. Its good for your mind, stress etc. Definately helps me to not get too stressed in my job and deal with things calmly and clearly.
  19. Yourmatemitch's Training Log

    Thanks Mate, I should add that I pushed for another 1 after the vid stopped. my connection is a bit slow so I cant tell right now but I think it was either 21 or 22 in total. What do you reckon about my depth? Feels lower when you are doing it. The dip or bounce at the very bottom happens pretty quick. I'm going to work on a closer stance and lower depth, maybe pause at the bottom for a bit.
  20. Yourmatemitch's Training Log

    I will add that my aim over the next few months is to get to the 200/300/400lb mark on Bench, Squat, Deadlift 1RMs respectively, and keep improving on my weight. I must be pretty close.
  21. Yourmatemitch's Training Log

    Crap it has been a while since posting here. I have been keeping a log book though. Well I've been training pretty consistently for the last 5 months although diet has been a bit up and down. Just hit 100kg x 20 rep squat in last week. Ghosty to post the video. My weight is sitting at 78.6 tonight but that is after a day's worth of feeding. Pretty good considering I was 68 about 5 months ago. I have put on fat though which is a first for my skinny ass (probably because of so much milk). Pushing roughly the following weight: Squat: 100x22 (or 120x5x5) DL: 135x8x3 MP: 55x8x3 Bent Rows: 85x8x3 Bench: 70x8x3 Curls: 42.5x8x3 Dips: BW + 15kg 15, 12
  22. Mac Dog's Log

    If your squatting 3 times a week my advice is that throwing in some deadlifts and also some heavy triples really helps your squat. My 20 rep squats jumped from 85 to 100 whilst deadlifting once a week (substituting squats in my 3rd session for deadlifting), and also going heavy from time to time up to a weight I could do triples with. I'm deadlifting about 130 for 8 reps, took me maybe 4 - 6 weeks to get there up from 90kgx8, also doing 120kg 5x5 in squat. What seems to happen is that once you experience lifting heavier weights, that 100kg or 90kg or whatever doesn't seem that heavy any more when your under it. Its good for you mentally. You still have to be training the 20rep volume though for your endurance. Ghosty came round last night to video it and I repped out 100kg x 22 relatievly easily, video will be up as soon as ghosty gets the chance.
  23. Mac Dog's Log

    Well boys.. I did it, 100kg x 20 rep squats. I will video it next time (stupid Iphone doesn't video) Shame it took me like a year lol.
  24. Brisbane Training Night

    Training at mine tomorrow night (Monday). In Mitchelton. I get home around 6, so a 6-6:30 start. Bring some protein powder (I got none at the moment), and a steak for some home cooked post workout nutrition (I'll get the missus to grill it all up and make a salad lol) So far just me and Ghosty, but anyone welcome. I have a cage, bench and Oly bar with 140kg weight. Also 2x 12kg KBs and a 64kg KBs, Dip bars and a chain for strapping weight to you. I don't have chalk so you may need to bring some. pm me for address.
  25. Brisbane Training Night

    WOOHOO I HIT 100kg x 20 in Squats. On sunday... then went and got on the turps at stereosonic