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  1. Username: Jpexstar Email: bizr_gp@hotmail.com
  2. Username: Jpexstar Email: bizr_gp@hotmail.com
  3. Cant log in

    Somethings wrong with my account....i cant log in and ive tried the forgotten password link, jus dosnt work. Username was Jpexstar and email is bizr_gp@hotmail.com
  4. Jpexstar's log

    Haha yeah cheers NPR33. I found the whole buffville story a very amusing read and its so true.....anyways dinner time
  5. Jpexstar's log

    Breif History. Basically I started of this year as an unhappy chain smoking drunk , decided I wanted to live a more wholesome lifestyle and improve my appearance. Soo I quit my bad ways. Being a complete noob to fitness stuff I started running and doing other pointless excersises that werent helping my cause much. After a few months of this I made abit of progress but I started to lose interest, motivation as I wasnt getting much out of it an was fairly tedious . Then a few months later I bought a 180sx , stubled across this site, its fitness diet bodybuilding section and started reading....and reading....and reading. Then I went out an bought a second hand bench, barbell, some weights and started the skinny guy routine. Been doin it for a couple of months now and from the start of the year I have nearly gained 15 kg's. So i'd just like to thank everyone that makes a positive contibution to this site as it is a helpfull resource for many, inspirational an motivational. Anyways enough ranting.......this is my training log. Wednsday, 17 sep 08 Breathing Squats 78.6kg x 20, 15 (I use my bench as a squat rack, im short so it will do for now) Bench Press 52.6 kg x 8, 8 SLDL 64.6 kg x 8, 8 WG Chins, palms facing away 14, 12 MP 38.6 kg x 8, 8 BB Curls 33.6 kg x 8, 8 Dips (bench dips with legs raised) 20 + 17.5 kg 15 + 17.5 kg BW= 64kg Im still weak as piss, but its a start and im only goin to improve from here
  6. My 180 - Heaps of Goodies !

  7. Mackies sil80

    Paint the bonnet black.....an i hope ur getting sum matching black rims coz that would=PORN!
  8. Garrett GT Turbos

    Hey morrie, im intersted in getting a disco potato for my s13, dont really know specifics like actuators and that any recommendations + to do a swap would i need to get the complete kit? Cheers Jon.
  9. Name: Jon Age: 20 Location: Perth Were do you train: Home Current weight: 65kg Height: 165cm How long have you been lifting: 2 months Short term goals: Squat 100kg's for 20 breathing reps Long term goals: Have great overall physique and strength A bit about yourself: Im an apprentice chef, drive a 180.....its very nice lol.
  10. Lifter

    cheers got another problem ....the vct apparently only came out in the blacktop sr's not the redtops.......
  11. Lifter

  12. Lifter

    anyone got any info???
  13. Lifter

    Ive been told about a common problem with sr's that they have a plastic oil lifter, and that this causes a certain noises to the engine.....just wondering if anyone had any more information about this?