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  1. Video of my Z

    4 doing wat? for posting up a 58 second video of a stock 350z on display in a video game for f**ks sake, worst waste of a space of a thread ive ever seen Firstly, i dun c d problem as long as my car looks 100% d same as d video dat i hav shot n edited from a source dat is from elsewhere. hehe. Secondly, I certainly hope there is no rule on dis forum 2 prevent ppl from keeping their car stock or posting content of d same dat has been shot n edited from sum other original source 2 reflect their rides. Thirdly, i dun read very well but i believe dis thread is called "Video of my Z" n not "Video/Pic of my MODIFIED Z" Further, if u think ur opinions r cool (just like u think using profanity in ur vocabulary makes u cool)...fine with me. I mean it is ur CHARACTER, it's ur freedom n i dun care. hehe. Freedom 2 express is wat forums r 4. In this regard, pls consider d following opinion from a fresh newbie like myself to a platinum member like u: for a start, try not 2 make dis forum n unfriendly place 4 us newbies... i mean pls dun yell "BAN HIM" as u like without also telling ppl wat r d actual rules in dis forum dat hav been breached (not personal opinions of wat u think d rules r). i mean u r not a newbie, i m sure u can hav more substance in ur post 2 educate ignorant newbie like moi... Maybe u can also advise me on whether U THINK D FORUM SHOULD ALSO BAN THOSE WHO USE AVATARS/SIGNATURES OF FICTIONAL CHARACTERS OR DAT R ORIGINALLY CREATED BY SUM1 ELSE.
  2. Video of my Z

    ohh... u got a pearl white car... kool... Yo dude, i believe dis section is 4 videoz n not 4 picz. Further, d link 2 a youtube video that i posted above is actually my car. My car is exactly d same as d video that i hav shot, digitally edited n posted on youtube... wit original 6spokes rims, yes pearl white , n everything as original as it can get without any mod. i like like 2 keep things un-mod 4 2 reasons: - 1) i like d feel of wat a 350Z is meant 2 b as it is 2) 2 many things can go wrong wit mods on Z (read http://forums.nicoclub.com/zerothread/157362 ) anyway, i hav been to and wil b going to the next (2 b announced) Official Brisbane Fortnightly Meets at this link: http://www.350tuned.com/forums/index.php?showforum=45 hope 2 c u n ur car then
  3. Video of my Z

    4 doing wat?
  4. Video of my Z

    (click on this link)